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Telescopic Meters / Telescopic Staves
Here you will find extensible telescopic meters for inside and outside measurements. Made of aluminium, silver anodised, the telescope meters are lightweight and easy to use. Every pole is autolocked when completely extended. Two bubbles (horizontal and vertical) show correct positioning of the meter. The analogue display on the top side of the telescopic meters allows easy mm-readings.
Measuring faults are excluded thanks to the fixing of the upper point. The telesscope meters follow the EEC accuracy standards, class III.

Telescopic staves are used in industrial length or hight measurements or in field measurement by architects and engineers to get an overview of dimensions to be planned for machine setup. 

Warranty on telescopic meters: 2 years

User guides are in English and German 

                                                                 Full telesscope meter products overview and technical data: Onlineshop

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