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Measuring Instruments for professionals in industrial plantsMeasurement Instruments for laboratoriesMeasuring Instruments from A to Z

Measuring Instruments / Measurement Instruments

Exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work. That is why the best measuring instruments are necessary. We offer a broad range of products from the field of measuring instruments. PCE offers various types of testing and measuring instruments, handheld and desktop measurement solutions.

At moment PCE Instruments stocks around 700 different types of quality measurement tools to determine various parameters in the physical, electrical and chemical spectrums. You can find lots of equipment to complete your task, be it monitoring, analysis, measurement or testing. Big crane scales or vehicle scales are only some examples for industry measuring instruments. But not only companies need measuring instruments. We do also address individual customers with cheaper solutions for daily problems. From microscopes for education over thermometers, which display more values than only the temperature, up to handheld anemometers which can be used to determine the wind speed when it comes to the hobby of sailing. We can also repair and / or calibrate your current measuring instruments.

If you have any questions concerning our products or wish to enquire about spares or have a specific measuring need, do not hesitate to call us. Together we can find the right measuring instruments for the task at a hand and a solution to all your measuring needs. Products can be purchased via either the online shop, over the phone, via fax or by post.

Measuring Instruments: Here you find our endoscopesMeasuring Instruments: Thermal imaging camerasMeasuring Instruments: Sound level

Categories: Measuring Instruments / Measurement Instruments for optical, mechanical, physical, chemical and other relevant measures:
( Please find the right measuring instruments in the alphabetical listing below )

Absolute Moisture Meters
Alert Meters
Air velocity meters
Analysers (Colour)
Analysers (Combustion)

Analysers (Gas)
Analysers (Lan)
Analysers (Noise)
Analysers (Oxygen)
Analysers (Signal Level)
Analysers (Solar)
Analysers (Texture)
Automotive Meters
Cable detectors (electrical)
Cable Length Meters
Capacitance Meters
Carbon Dioxide Meters
Coating Thickness Meters / Gauges
Conductivity Regulators
Clamp Meters

Colour Measurement
Colour Rating
Conductivity Meters
Contact Thermometers
Control Systems
Current Clamps
Data Loggers 
Damp Meters
Diamond Tester
Differential Pressure Meters
Digital Multimeters
Distance Meters

Decibel Measurement
Detectors (Gas, Humidity, Radiation, Voltage)
Dose Meters (Noise)
Dust particle analyzers 
Earth Ground Meters
Electric Tester
Electrostatic Meters

Environmental Meters
Flow Meters Air / Gas
Frequency Meters
Force Gauges (digital)
Gas Meters

Geiger Counters
Handheld Tachometers
Hardness Meters
Humidity Testers
Imagers (Thermal)
ndicator Sound Level
Indicator (Humidity)
Instruments (Environmental)
Infrared Thermometers (infants)
Inspection Cameras
Insulation Meters
Laboratory Stirrers
an Network Testers
Laser Distance Measurement
Laser Level
Laser Meters
Laser Thermometers
Length Meters
Light Meters
Lux Meters
Material Thickness Meters
Measurement Devices (Force)
Measuring Meters (Distance)
Meters (
Climate, Color, Combustion, Distance, Earth, Energy, Frequency, Gloss, Ground, humidity, Occupational hazards, pH, Power, Pressure, Radiation, Salt, Temperature, wheels, Tensile Force)
Moisture Indicator
Moisture Testers for Wood
Monitoring systems
Noise Meters
Ohm Meters

Oxygen Meters
Ozone Meters
Ozone Generators
Paper Moisture Meters

Phase Rotation Meters
Photovoltaic Meters
Pat Tester
Photometers (Multi-function)
Pitot Tube Air Flow Meters
Pocket pH-meters

Power Analyzers / Laser
Power Suppliers

Pressure Measurement
Quality Meters (Air)
Radiation Counters
Radioactivity Meters
Reader (Temperature)
Recorders Data
Redox Meters
Relative Humidity Meters
Resistance Testers
Rotation Meters
Roughness Testers / Meters
Safety testers
Sensor (Temperature)
Signal converters
Single-parameter Photometers
Sound Level Meters
Systems for Environmental
Stethoscopes (electronic)
Surface Thickness Meters
Telemaintenance modules
Temperature Probes (Equipments)
Testers (Air, Conductivity, Earth, FlowForce, Insulation, Noise, pH, Paper, Sound, Temperature, Winding Tightness)
Thermal stress
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thickness Meters
Time Clocks

Torque Meters
Transport Data Loggers
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Vibration Measurement
Video endoscopes
Voltage Meters
Weather Stations
Wind Meters
Wood Moisture Meters

Measuring Instruments: Force gauges

Measuring Instruments: Here you'll find our balances

Measuring Instruments: Dataloggers

Measuring Instruments: Here you find our microscopes

Together with an array of measuring instruments we offer the specialised knowledge of our expert engineers and technical staff, here is a list of terms commonly used within the field of measuring instruments to hopefully clear up any issues you may have before making a purchase:

  Measuring Instruments: A

Accuracy: The defining variable of the device as to its accuracy and its maximum load.

Adjust: Allows professionals to fine tune the device to ensure that only the most accurate readings are taken, particularly useful in items such as scales.

diferents measuring equipment

  Measuring Instruments: C

Calibrate: To determine the error of the meter's display with respect to the true value being measured.

Calibration: Verification that the device is correctly calibrated within the limits of the device.

Calibration certificate: Documentation that states the device is correctly calibrated and operates in conjunction with national standards.

Calibration interval: To ensure that correct measurements are being taken, the device should be calibrated periodically. This period of time is known as the calibration interval. It's impossible to accurately determine when a device will require calibration, however, it always helps to have a guide, and here are a few key things to consider as an indication:Measuring Instruments: calibration bench. Measurement value and the permitted range of tolerance.

              - Performance of equipment.

              - Frequency of use.

              - Operating Conditions.

              - Stability of previous calibrations.

              - Accuracy required.

              - Quality control requirements.

The user needs to calibrate their measuring instruments to maintain accuracy of the device over time so the margin of error does not become too large for the required reading.

Measuring Instruments: calibration of laboratory scales. Measuring Instruments: calibration of a multimeter.

CEM: This is the federal authority for legal meteorology in Spain (CEM).

Certificate of revision: Certification from the factory confirming that the product being delivered meets the product specifications (specified on the data sheet).

Connection port:  Connection port to a computer for outputting data or updating software (typically an RS-232C)

Conformity certificate: Certification that confirms the device conforms to stringent standards laid out by the notifying body that the device will be compatiable with certain other devices detailed on the certificate.
equipment, equipments, equipments  

  Measuring Instruments: D

Declaration of conformity: The document that declares that a device meets CE requirements (electronic devices always come with the distinctive CE certification mark).

certification: this certification signifies that a company has demonstrated that they have adapted their entire management system to meet the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard of quality. After inspection by the relevant authorities, the company is awarded a DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate of quality according to the management system they have in place.
This certificate is completely different from that of the ENAC calibration certificate which relates to the relative characteristics of the technical measurements made by measuring instruments. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is also not identical to an accreditation, for as yet there is no accords here as to the effects of international recognition.

Data Logger / Data Registers: Many devices have an internal memory for measurement values.  This memory can be used in situ to store readings or  also programmed to work in conjunction with a computer to store data for further analysis. As such, devices equipped with a data logger can function independently without someone continously monitoring it.

equipment to water

  Measuring Instruments: E

ENAC: The "ENAC" calibration service is a union of technical measurement laboratories that are accredited to be within determined parameters. They are highly competent in the field of technical measurement. An ENAC accredited laboratory has the right to issue internationally established calibration certificates for these parameters and measuring instruments. ENAC certificates are valid in many countries around the world, including those of the European Union.

If you follow the link to ENAC you will be able to find out more about this.

equipment to water

  Measuring Instruments: F

Factory calibration certificate
: Factory calibration certificates are issued declaring the standards that are a result of subjecting the measuring instruments to rigorous quality control measures. Quality is assured as the equipment used for quality control are regularly maintained to ensure the highest level of accuracy.  The measuring devices are then adjusted using a quality control device and calibrated within the factory.

equipment to temperature

  Measuring Instruments: I

Ingress protection (IP): The higher the numerical value of IP, the less likely the device is to be disrupted by dust and water penetrating the enclosure.

Interface: Another term to refer to a connection port, see connection port

ISO 9000
: System of quality management by way of DIN Standards to identify a companies level of quality control.  It's full denomination is DIN EN ISO 9000.

equipment to temperature

  Measuring Equipment and Test Equipment: L

Legibility: The smallest numerical value legible on the device's display.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): This display contains liquid crystal which reacts to the anisotropic conductivity of liquid crystals when a current is passed accross it. The displays are not self-lit in Measuring instruments and typically have either a back-light or need to be used in a light room.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) display: This display is formed from a matrix of diodes which emit light in a pattern to display what is expected on screen. The display is self-lighting.

equipment to wine

Measuring Equipment and Test Equipment: M

Measurement of deviation
: The deviation of the measured value displayed compared to the true value.

Measuring equipment: These are devices that give visual representation of data and allow for certain parameters to be measured or calculated and displayed in specific unit types.  They can be electronic or mechanical devices and can be used in conjunction with a computer and sometimes other devices.

Margin of error: Indicates the maximum range of error possible for any given value displayed by the device.

equipment to wine

  Measuring Instruments: O 

OIML: "Organization International de Metrologies Legal". Regulates the relative interests in technical measurement in legal contractibility  for meteorology. For more infromation follow this link on  Meters in the OIML.

Overload /overcharge indicator: Symbol or character displayed by the device to indicate an "overload" which is typically shown as "OL". An overload has the potential to damage the measuring instrument beyond repair.

Operating temperature: The temperature range that the instrument can be used reliably. If the device is used outside of this range, errors can occur in the measurements. If temperatures are extreme the internal electronics of the measuring instruments can be destroyed.

equipment to voltage.

  Measuring Instruments: R

Response time: Period of time from connecting the meter until the measurement result is shown on the display. This refers to the combination of  the time of the meter and sensor. As such, a lot of times, it is not related to the meter itself but to that of the sensor that it uses, as typically these are the weakest link.

Recalibration: Periodical devices need to be tested as to confirm their accuracy. If they are inacurate they need to be recalibrated. Visit our webpage to see our Operating partners for calibrating measuring instruments.

Repeatability: This is the process that shows that the measurement shown on the device can be comparable to one or more measurements according to the national standard for the parameter being measured. Thanks to the existing agreement with "CEM" and to the DIN EN 45001 quality standard there is no need to independently demonstrate the devices repeatability.

Resolution: Minimum width of the character represented on the display of measuring instruments, also referred to as a digit.

equipment to voltage 

  Measuring Instruments: S

Standard deviation
: A measure used to state the possible variances from the same variable being measured under the same circumstances.

equipment to voltage 

  Measuring Instruments: T

Thermal influence: This is a physical influence on the measurement and can only be corrected via incorporated measurement compensation systems. Some measuring instruments come with automatic temperature compensation available and others have these systems incorporated  mechanically, either by an adjustment wheel or by indicating the error occured due to the thermal influence on the display.

equipment to LAN

  Measuring Instruments: V

Validation: Documented test that a process or procedure meets appropriate safety levels required to perform the specific task.

equipment to humidity.

Below is a video of our company, where you will be able to observe that the development, innovation and technical assessment are our most valued services that we can offer our clients. If you find that none of our devices seem to meet your requirements, please call our offices on:
+44 (0)2380 987030 and our team of engineers will assess your needs and help you choose the device best suited to your requirements.

PCE Instruments have tested its measuring instruments in the Antarctic. With the intention of checking if our equipment has the capacity to resist the extreme temperatures provided by such an environment, and to see if small changes occur in the joints of the thermal insulation that might cause a micro-climate to exist within the boundarys of the device. The teams of engineers conducted astronomical, geological, ornithological and environmental surveys with great success, thanks to equipment provided by PCE for ozone, pH, ultraviolet light, airflow measurements to name but a few.

The Antarctic is a natural laboratory that contains properties that hint to the origins of the Earth and the Solar System. It's clear to see the role the Antarctic ice plays, thanks to the microscopic pockets of air that remain trapped in layers of ice. It is these pockets of air that are extremly important in the estimation of different climatic changes (glaciations) that have occurred upon the Earth's surface over time. These measurements can be used to show how the Earths climate has changed and can even be used in conjunction with future predictions to show how the climate will change in the future, if certain scenarios come to exist and we do not change our ways in terms of usage of fossil fuels.

Contributing factors of climatic change are the greenhouse effect, and the depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, permitting UVB radiation to reach the planet's surface. This has been caused, in part, by increased human industrialization in the last decades. As a result, the Earth naturally makes adjustments to effect climate change, these cyclical movements, precession and notation, that are made to the Earth's position in relation to the sun, as well as its own cycles and evolution which are evidenced by changes in the Earth's atmosphere, marine currents, and external forces such as asteroids. The history of the Earth's climate allows scientists to determine which geographical area has been affected by climate changes. It's a mistake to believe that a particular geographical region has always been under the same climatic conditions through its history. What's certain is that an atmospheric change on the planet will result in vast changes for people today and this is the reason why so many people are afraid of climate change.

Final note:
The information presented here may not be complete or exact.  It is simply provided as a guide in relation to measuring instruments. The pages within the domain www.industrial-needs.com are property of PCE Instruments UK Ltd.

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 Banking scales
 Basic scales
 Bench scales

 Cask scales
 Crane scales
 Compact scales
 Counting scales

 Density scales
 Doses scales

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