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ships available measuring instruments and scales in maximum of 5 days

Orders shipped in: 2 - 5 days.

- Except out of stock

- Only working days.

DHL shared our measuring instruments.


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Payments can be made in the following ways: T/T payment against proforma invoice, pay on delivery, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

  Measuring instruments

One stop shop for measuring instruments, test equipment,
controls, scales and balances.

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    Measuring instruments and scales: a solution to a technical problem.  a technical solution.

    Contact with professionals who know their measuring instruments and scales.  contact with professionals who know their products. 

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Measuring instruments for the industrial sector and professionals.
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Legal measuring instruments and scales

These are our delegations in different countries:
PCE Germany
PCE Ibérica S.L.
PCE Italy
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Calibration service for measuring instruments and scales

Our products are certified according to ISO all manufactured measuring instruments, especially laboratory instruments. Devices
are purchased at the stated prices and prices will be
adjusted if necessary. Together with the device you will
receive a protocol of control. Our DIN ISO calibrations
and verifications are done by our associates.


All of our measuring instruments and scales have a 3 year.

 - Measuring instruments

 2 years

 - Measuring instruments
   for laboratories

 2 years

 - Scales

 2 years

All of our technical products have a 2 year guarantee (within Europe), depending on the type of product. Ouside of Europe our product carry a one year guarantee.

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Design and manufacture of measuring instruments, controls and scales. All available from one supplier. more media


Measuring instruments / scales: Sponsors

PCE Iberica S.L. is see our measuring instruments at work in the antarcticsupported by the Astronomy and Geographic Society of Ciudad Real (SAGCR), on their expeditions to the Antarctica with a donation of instruments  appropriate to the working conditions that can be found there, where they obtain readings for radiation, gas, etc. Under extreme polar conditions.

Instruments in PDF format

Measuring instruments: air velocity meters
Measuring instruments / Air
Measuring instruments: rotation meters
Measuring instruments / Rotation
Measuring instruments: pressure guages
Measuring instruments / Pressure
Measuring instruments: endoscopes
Measuring instruments / Endoscopes
Measuring instruments: distance meters
Measuring instruments / Distance
Measuring instruments: humidity meters
Measuring instruments / Humidity
Measuring instruments: Data loggers
Measuring instruments / Data loggers
Measuring instruments: gas meters
Measuring instruments / Gas meters
Measuring instruments: force guages
Measuring instruments / Force gauges
Measuring instruments: thickness meters
Measuring instruments / Thickness
Measuring instruments: multimeters
Measuring instruments / Multimeters
Measuring instruments: Refractometers
Measuring instruments / optic
Measuring instruments: Sound level meters
Measuring instruments / Sound
Measuring instruments: Radiation detectors
Measuring instruments / Radiation
Measuring instruments: Temperature meters
Measuring instruments / Temperature
Measuring instruments: Vibration meters
Measuring instruments / Vibration
Measuring instruments: Thermographic cameras
Measuring instruments / cameras
Measuring instruments: Water quality testers
Measuring instruments / Water quality

Measuring instruments / scales: left window  Our catalogue in PDF format  Measuring instruments / scales: right window

You can also see our measuring instruments and balances online. In our free product catalogue as well as downloading or printing our product pages in PDF format. In the column to the left, you can see categories of measuring instruments, and on the right are categories of balances in PDF format. Our printed catalogue only has a small selection of our available measuring instruments and balances. PCE Instruments design and manufacture program includes some 800 measuring instruments and 100 balances. In both groups you also have available our other area of knowledge, which are our technicians and engineers who are available to assist you by telephone regarding your queries and concerns relating to our standard instruments. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for measuring instruments for a very specific application. There is also the possibility that we can make a small adjustment in the device you require when it is being fabricated.
Contact us for more information to phone: +44 (0) 2380 98703 0


our measuring instruments and balances online.


PCE Wallpaper of our measuring instruments                             PCE Screensaver of our measuring instruments
PCE Wallpaper                                PCE Screensaver

Scales in PDF format

measuring instruments: Analysis scales
Analysis scales

measuring instruments: Stainless steel scales
Stainless steel scales
measuring instruments: Spring scales
Spring scales
measuring instruments: Precision scales
Precision scales
measuring instruments: humidity content scales
Humidity content scales
measuring instruments: hanging scales
Hanging scales
measuring instruments: compact scales
Compact scales
measuring instruments: hook scales
Hook scales
measuring instruments: laboratory scales
Laboratory balances
measuring instruments: packaging scales
Package scales
measuring instruments: palette scales
Palette scales
measuring instruments: Paper scales
Paper scales
measuring instruments: Platform scales
Platform scales
measuring instruments: Precision scales
Precision scales
measuring instruments: Pocket scales
Pocket scales
measuring instruments: Tabletop scales
Tabletop scales
measuring instruments: Shipping scales
Shipping scales
measuring instruments: Piece count scales
Piece count scales

measuring instruments: Scales with counters
Scales with counters

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