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Control systems: Temperature controller, humidity controller.Control systems for industrial usePlant control

Control Systems

You will find a wide range of control systems to be used for many different applications from simple displays with different sizes up to complete regulators. Nowadays, control systems are essential instruments in modern production processes. The compact displays of these control systems make possible a quick and easy view of diverse physical magnitudes, such as temperature, pressure, revolutions and standard process signals which can be found in any automated process.

Besides, modern regulators can solve quickly and effectively different control works. Below, you will find different groups of control systems. If you have any questions regarding any control system, please contact us on: +44 ( 0 ) 2380 98703 0 and our technicians and engineers will help you to find the control system that best suits your needs.

Control systems: Various units for professionals

Control Categories

Alarm Units
Chart Recorders
Communication Modules
Controllers (Carbon, Humidi., pH, ...)
Control Panels
Datalogging / Data Aquisition
DIN RAIL Products
Energy Controllers
Graphic Recorders
HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
I/O Modules
Industrial Ethernet
Large Displays
Logic Modules
Motor Control Devices
Panel Meters
Panel Instruments
Paperless Recorders
PID Controllers
Power Controllers
Power Meters
Process Indicators
Process Controllers
Remote Monitoring
Signal Conditioners / Converters
Visualisation Products
Wireless Interfaces

Alphabetical Information about relevant terms concerning control systems

Together with our range of meters and the professional assessment made by our engineers and technicians, we also provide you with an alphabetical list of relevant terminologies to help our customers to properly inform themselves before acquiring one of our measuring instruments.

  Control Systems: A

Adjust: establishing an exact magnitude of measurement in a device by way of technically intervening with the measurement system. Or: Regulation of a meter up to the smallest deviation of the true value.

: Display of the maximum and minimum deviation of the nominal value.

Actuators: An actuator is a element which is contrary to the sensor. This is an active mechanical element and it is normally used as a loop actuator.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: C

Calibration: Control of measurement magnitudes correction of measuring instruments without the intervention in the measurement system, or the determination of the systematic display deviation in relation to the real value of the measuring magnitude.

Certificate: >> Calibration certificate

Calibration certificate: document containing the technical characteristics of our meters, which are traceable to a national standard.

Control Systems: calibration of laboratory scales
Control Systems: calibration of a multimeter

Calibration interval: to perform correct measurements, devices must be calibrated at regular intervals. This period of time is called calibration interval. It's difficult to determine this period with accuracy but you should consider the following factors:

• Measuring magnitude and permitted tolerance limitControl Systems: calibration bench
• Performance of the measuring instruments
• Frequency of use
• Operating conditions
• Previous calibrations stability
• Measuring accuracy required
• Determining factors of the quality control systems used by companies

This means that the user is in charge to check and control the interval between calibrations. We recommend that this internal between calibrations should be between 1 and 3 years.

Certificate of conformity: A verification certificate which is issued by the Verification Centre.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: the certification shows that a company meets with all the required quality management system according to din en iso 9001 standards. after speaking with the appropriate authorities, a certificate can be obtained according to the quality management system standard din en ISO 9001.

Certificate of inspection: Manufacturer’s certification which confirms that the instruments meet all the technical specifications (technical sheet).

Control and measuring instruments: they cover all the meters, visual display units and references that are used in the development and manufacture of a product for purposes of measuring qualitative relevance. (Manufacturers of meters).

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Diferents Control Systems  
  Control Systems: D
Declaration of conformity: the declaration of conformity documents that a product corresponds with EU directives.

Digital interfaces: For the connection to a PC or to a meter (SPS). It allows to transfer measurement values in digital form for further analysis or to set meters through the PC. Some examples are RS485, RS232, Profibus DP.

: It displays physical, chemical and biological quantities.

Display range: Maximum and minimum values which can be displayed.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: E

Factory certification: Manufacturer’s certification which confirms that the instrument meet all the technical specifications (technical sheet).

Factory calibration certificate: Factory calibration certificates are issued with standards which are subject to a regular control or the calibration instruments. Traceability of used standards are ensured thanks to a regular control of the calibration instruments. Meters are adjusted through control and calibration devices.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: I

Indication of an overload
: shown on the display of meters (OL) when a minimum or maximum load is exceeded. this overload can damage meters.

Interface: Connection port to connect meters to a computer for measurement values to be transferred.

ISO 9000: Quality control system (DIN) for quality controls in the company.

Ingress protection (ip): the higher the number, the better protection against dust and water that the meter's enclosure has. IP 54 is standard. You can see a table with the meters protection type.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: L

LCD display (liquid crystal display)
: term used to identify a type of display which incorporates liquid crystal and is not illuminated on its own.

LED display (light emitting diode): it uses the light emitted from light diodes to display values or indicators.
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Logical zero:
Both current and voltage signals in control systems in which the lowest value is not equal to zero but they have a logical zero. A well known example is the 4-20 mA signal. When transferring this signal, it should not occur below 4 mA. A signal with logical zero has two advantages: On one hand, it can detect and show an error, and on the other hand the sensor can use the signal as a power source.

Loop system: The control of an input signal, which by means of a response can close one circuit, is called loop system.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: L

Measurement deviation: Deviation of the displayed value in relation to the real measurement value.

Measurement rate: Number of measurements which a device performs in a precise time interval.

Measurement uncertainty: It indicates the range in which the real measured value is.

Measurement range: Range used by meters. When both upper and lower limits are exceeded there is measurement values.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: O 

Over oscillation: A sudden change of the input signal which always brings that the back regulation exceeds the output signal before reaching the desired value. This process is called over oscillation.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: P

Profibus DP: For the control and consultation of sensors and actuators.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: R

RS-232 interface: refer to “Connection port”.

Recalibration: periodical measurement of the method of measurement or or control, to test its correction. Partners of meters calibrations.

Repeatability: (standard deviation) the coincidence of repeated measurements under the same conditions.

Resolution: The smallest separation in the magnitude that the meter can detect, it is also known as digit.

Regulator: Unit which controls an input signal which depends on an output signal.
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Response time: Time interval from the moment a magnitude is connected to a meter to the moment in which this value is displayed.

Response time: It is the time that a controller needs to introduce the output magnitude inside the established magnitude.

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Diferents Control Systems 

  Control Systems: R

Scale: The conversion of a standard signal in a physical quantity is known as scale.

Signal converters: Unit for the conversion of physical, chemical or biological quantities into a standard electrical signal.

Standard signal: Standard electrical signal in the control systems for the transference of physical, chemical or biological measurement values, i.e. 4-20 mA.

Sensors: Unit for the conversion of physical, chemical or biological quantities in an electrical magnitude to be detected by electronic regulators.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: T

Thermal influence: This is physically tied and it can only be corrected by means of incorporated compensations. Some meters have an automatic temperature compensation, others a mechanic one. The mechanic compensation shows the current temperature, as for instance, by means of an adjusting wheel or a display.

Traceability: This concept describes a process through a measured value can be compared to the national standard of the magnitude. Thanks to the contract with the “CEM” and the DIN EN 45001 standard, it is not necessary to show the retrievability.

Tolerance of a measuring device: each device has an indicated tolerance to physical conditions. tolerance defines the most deviation allowed.

Totalizer: This functions allows for the integration of the measurement values through time.

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: U

UKAS:  The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. Testing Laboratories, Calibration Laboratories, Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Proficiency Testing Providers, Reference Material Producers, Medical Laboratories  (UKAS official website)

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Diferents Control Systems

  Control Systems: V

Validation: document demonstrating that a process is more appropriate for performing a tare.

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Diferents Control Systems

Final note:
The information presented here may not be complete or exact.  It is provided simply as a guide in realtion to measuring equipment. The pages within the domain www.industrial-needs.com are property of PCE Instruments (©), Germany.

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Below you will find an overview of the different product groups of measuring instruments

Absolute Humidity Meters
Alert Meters
Air velocity meters
Analyzers (Colour)
Analyzers (Gas)
Analyzers (Lan)
Analyzers (Noise)
Analyzers (Oxygen)
Analyzers (Ozono)

Cable detectors (electrical)
Cameras (Infrared Thermal Imaging)
Capacitance Meters
Coating Thickness Meters
Chlorine Meters
Clamp Meters
Climate Meters
Colour Meters

Conductivity Meters
Contact Thermometers
Current detectors

Data Loggers
Differential Pressure Meters
Digital Multimeters
Detectors (Humidity, Radiation, Voltage)
Dose Meters (Noise)

Earth meters
Electric Tester
Flow Meters Air
Flow Meters Gas
Force Gauges (digital)
Frequency Meters
Gas Detector
Geiger Counter
Handheld Tachometers
Hardness Meters
Humidity Testers (Building material)
Indicator Sound Level
Indicator (Humidity)
Instruments (Environmental)

Impedance bridges
Infrared Thermometers
Insulation Meters
Lan Network Testers
Laser Distance Meters
Laser level
Laser meters
Laser thermometers
LCR Meters
Length Meters
Light Meters
Lux Meters
Material Thickness Meters
Measurement Devices (Force)
Measuring Meters (Distance)
Measuring Wheels
Meters (Distance,
Environmental, Gas, Gloss, Ground pH, Power Pressure, Radiation, Salt, Temperature)
Modular signal Converters
Moisture Indicator

Multi-Parameter Photometers
Noise Meters
Ohm Meters
Oxygen Meters
Ozone Meters
 Noise Meters
 Ohm Meters
 Oxygen Meters
Paper Moisture Meters

Pitot tube air flow meters
Pocket pH-meters
Power Analyzers
Pressure Gauges
Quality Meters (Air)
Radiation Counters
Radioactivity meters
Reader (Temperature)
Recorders Data
Redox Meters
Relative Humidity Meters
Resistance Testers
Rotation meters
Roughness tester
Rotation meters
Roughness tester
Sensor (Temperature)
Signal Level Analyzers
Single-parameter Photometers
Sound Level Meters
Systems for Environmental
Stethoscopes (electronic)
Surface Thickness Meters

Telescope Meters
Temperature Probes
Testers Air
Testers Conductivity
Testers Earth
Testers Insulation
Testers Noise
Testers pH
Testers paper
Testers Sound
Testers Temperature
Thermal stress
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thickness Meters
Turdibity Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

VDE tester
Vibration Meters
Video endoscopes
Voltage meters
Weather Stations
Wood (humidity)

Below you will find an overview of the different product groups of scales and balances

 Accurate scales
 Analytical scales
 Animal scales

 Banking scales
 Basic scales
 Bench scales

 Cask scales
 Crane scales
 Compact scales
 Counting scales

 Density scales
 Doses scales

 Electronic scales

 Floor scales
 Force meter

 Hanging scales

 Hook scales
 Hopper scales
 Household scales
 Humidity scales

 Industrial scales
 Inventory scales

 Jewellery scales

 Kitchen scales

 Laboratory scales
 Lifting scales
 Load cranes
 Load scales

 Mechanical scales
 Micro scales
 Moisture scales
 Multifunction scales

 Package scales
 Pallet truck scales
 Pallet scales
 Paper scales
 Pharmacy scales
 Piece count scales
 Piece counting scales
 Platform scales
 Pocket scales
 Postal scales
 Precision scales
 Probe cutter

 Research scales

 Scales for analysis
 Scales for carat
 Scales for colleges
 Scales for dentistry
 Scales for hobbyists
 Scales for gold
 Scales for school

 Scales for transit
 Scales for weighing pallets
 Scales with a support
 Scales with counter
 Scales with software
 Shipping scales
 Spring scales
 Surface scales
 Systems (Hanging)

 Tabletop scales

 Vehicle scales
 Verifiable scales
 Veterinary scales

 Water resistant scales
 Weighing hooks
 Weighing platforms
 Weighing scales
 Weight indicators