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Sound meter series CR-800-C (class I and II)
integrated sound meter with internal memory,
USB, software and interface cable
(optional filters for frequency measurement: octave band / 1/3 ) 

Sound meters of the classes I and II are designed for the use in the labor security sector and for environmental measurements. The sound meters of the series CR-800 C are a selection of meters of great value that offer all the benefits of the standard international meters and meet the international norms for sound measurements but the keep their simple handling. The series complies with the DIN IN 61672-1 2003 quality norm and with the present effective standards for the sound meter.
The sound meters measure all the parameters that are regulated by the law for the UVV noise control or in the new directive of the EU. If the limit values are exceeded or if it is necessary to take measurements for the auditory health, the measurements of octave band  determine the frequencies and function as guidelines concerning the necessary measures to reduce the noise.
The usual measurement needs of the environmental sector require a series of guidelines which all the series 800 meters comply with. Apart from the medium level Leq, the minimum and maximum level values, five statistics values (Ln) are also measured. With this, we comply with the presently existing essential directives for the environmental sector,  and  with possible future directives such as the noise TA. With the filter function,  special sources of noises.
Either with third filters or with octave filters, the sound meter crosses all the ranks of frequency successively. The meter records the average Leq level corresponding to each band of filter and it concludes with all the phantom of the frequency evaluations: LAeq, LCeq and LZeq. At the following link, you can to find other sound meters similar to this, but without LEQ function. All the meters will be delivered with the software, the cable of interface USB, the factory certificate and the instructions of use. Here you will see a general overview of sound meters.

- USB  interface to transmit data

- Software for Windows 95/98/2000/XP

- internal memory of 16 Mbit

- Standard values: Leq, Lmax, Lmin,
LCPeak and LE

- wideband measurement for time and frequency evaluations

- 0.1 resolution of dB

- graphical LCD screen

- possibility of use with filters (third and octave filters optional)

 - measurement range between 14 and 140 dB (according to model and filter)

- batteries

- robust housing

- Electret microphone of precision of 1/2 "

                  View or print
the user manual for the sound meter
                          Sound meter series CR-800-C: View / print the user manual for the sound meter.

Sound meter series CR-800-C .

Sound meter series CR-800-C

The sound meter can be used to make simple measurements or long ones. The sound measurement values transmitted via  USB interface to the PC or laptop can be evaluated in several ways. The software helps to transmit data to other data processing programmes. Diagrams of the temporary pass, columns and peak presentations. The zoom function makes it possible to analyse concrete values. The software is also suitalbe to program the sound meter for long time measurements.
The software recovers the data that are stored in the sound meter automatically in a standard relation so that the user can adapt it to his/her needs. The calibrations are kept so that the reliability of the measurement values is documented. The collected data can be exported in different formats.
The collection of data  in octave and third octave bands is possible whenever the sound meter is equipped with the corresponding filter option. The wideband measurements are represented in tables and graphs.
Software for the CR-800 sound meter to collect stored data.
In the software package you can see data about the usual auditory protectors. This data bank is reviewed with each new version of software and can be updated by every user. The values of damping given by the auditory protectors manufacturer are put in relation to the measurement data and a numerical and graphical representation of their efficiency is made. The user can define a limit  level. With this a preselection of the auditory protection is calculated.
Sound meter series CR-800-C with the sofware you can doreports.
 If requested, the software makes reports with graphs. The information shows  the measurement  values with all the indications of the used sound meter and the calibration, as well as additional information (place, conditions of measurement, person) that the user will be able to complete with the aid of a form. The parameters demanded by labour health within the evaluation level are indicated and calculated within  8 hours (level of exposion to the noise). This is calculated for each measurement, so that the user can define the significant limit values. The software offers a special information form for the auditory protectors selection.
The data of the sound meter can be displayed and modified from the PC. The software works with every PC with an operating system from Win 95 including NT and XP. The installation is done with a CD.
In order to connect the sound meter to a PC, it is necessary to have a free interface of series USB or to use a USB  adapter for USB interface. The program files need a 6MB memory in the hard disk.
With the sound meter series CR-800-C you can also modifie and see the data with the software in your PC.
Models of the series CR-800-C:
clase II:
  - model CR-812C: standard sound meter
  - m
odel CR-822C: sound meter with octave band filter
model CR-832C:
sound meter with class 2 third and octave band filter
class I:
- model CR-811C: standard sound meter
model CR-821C: sound meter with octave band filter
model CR-831C:
sound meter with class 1 third and octave band filter
Technical specifications
Standards DIN EN 60651: 1979 class 1 or 2
DIN EN 60804: 1985 class 1 or 2
DIN EN 61672 - 1: 2003 class 1 or 2, group X
filter use: DIN EN 61260: 1998 class 1
Microphone  1/2 " microphone
Temporary evaluation F („Fast“), S („Slow“) , I („Impulse“), Peak
Frequency evaluation channel 1 A, C o Z (no value)
channel 2 peak (C valued)

Bisection parameter

Q = 3 (for Leq measurements)
Evaluation levels Leq, LAleq, max. interval level
Measurement ranges wideband
class 1: 21 ... 140 dB, peak: 143
class 2: 25 ... 140 dB, peak: 143
octaves: 19 ... 140 dB (Z)
thirds: 14 ... 140 dB (Z)
Stored data
: date, hour, duration, wideband, LCPeak, LAF, LAS, LAI, LCF, LCS, LCI, LZF, LZS, LZI, LAFmax, LASmax, LAImax, LCF max, LCSmax, LCImax, LZFmax, LZSmax, LZImax, LAFmin, LASmin, LAImin, LCFmin, LCSmin, LCImin, LZFmin, LZSmin, LZImin, LAeq, LCeq, LZeq, LAE, LCE, LZE, LAleq, LCleq, LZleq, LAFTeq
L0.1 up to L99.9 (possibility of five values at a time) one level 1 s: LAeq, LCeq, LZeq
Filters octave band: 10 octave bands form 31 to 16,000 Hz (±2 dB), LAeq, LCeq, LZeq
third bands: 29third filters form 25 to 16,000 Hz (±2 dB), LAeq, LCeq, LZeq
Memory capacity 16 Mbits allow:
- 1,300 wideband measurements
- 770 octave band measurements
- 330 third band measurements
Noise level wideband
class 1: 18 dB (A)
class 2: 20 dB (A)
octave band: 12 dB (Z) for 1kHz
third band: 7 dB (Z) for 1 kHz
Automatic measurements recording / automatic storing:
1, 5, 10, 15, 30 min, 1, 8, 12 h, o user defined
repetition measurement:
2 ... 999 measurements (only for wideband) 
with the corresponding tempo. syncronisation

almost analogical graphical LCD screen; it indicates deviation of the rank, battery, conection to external network, evaluation of time or frequency, duration of the measurement, brief real time Leq (wideband), in graphical indicatorr of the band of third or octave, kept values, ranges, adjustments

Power 2 x alkaline batteries- 1,5 V LR6 / AA
Battery life approx. 30 h (wideband), > 20 h (filter)
Net connection 12 V - 16.5 V DC for100 mA
Environmental conditions - 10 ... + 50 °C / < 95 % r.H
Connection - RS 232 cable
-  AC output: no evaluation
- DC output: valued
Software / requirements  MS Windows 95 or superior, 6 MB hard disk,  266 MHz processor
Dimensions class 1: 340 x 75 x 25 mm
class 2: 300 x 75 x 25 mm
Weight 450 g
Electromagnetic data EN 55022: 19988
EN 61000 - 4 - 2: 1995
EN 61000 - 4 - 3: 2002
EN 61000 - 4 - 8: 1994

Delivery content
1 x sound meter (class I or class II, equipment according to the model with or without filter of one octave or of a third), 1 x software, 1 x cable of interface, certificate of factory, instructions of use


- Acoustic Calibrators for continuous recalibration of the sound meter in situ or at the workplace (according to the model class I or II / 94 class II dB or dB and 104 94 class I dB)
- Tripod or external microphone (it is necessary to mention the clamp for the microphone)
- Clamp for the external microphone
- Carrying case
- Net component
- Outdoor Set (microphone resistant to inclemencies with storage cell for 7 days of autonomy (only for class 1))
- Extension cable for the microphone (only for class 1 of the sound meter)
- ISO 9000  certificate of calibration 

Sound meter series CR-800-C: The sound level indicator outside

Sound meter series CR-800-C: The sound level indicator outside

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