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PCE-830 power anlayser
3 phases, measures power and analyses harmonics, with memory, interface and sofware

The PCE-830 power and harmonics analyser is used for measuring one to three phases of electrical quantities for alternating current (AC). This power and harmonics analyser also measures such parameters as voltage, current, frequency, harmonics and power as well as indicting, according to standard EN50160, harmonic values, interharmonics and asymmetrics. Interferences, such as interruptions, leaks, overloads or transience (from 16µs), are detected with their corresponding values. The backlit LCD, with high resolution, can show up to 35 parameters simultaneously. It can have up to 3 clips attached at the same time. In the data logger mode, it can save up to 17,470 readings (3 phases / 4 conductors) and in a simpler set-up (1 fase / 2 conductores) it can save up to 52,400 readings, split into 85 groups. All this makes the PCE-830 power analyser the ideal instrument for taking measurements over long periods of time. Measurement values obtained can be sent to a computer and be processed with the analysis siftware which comes included. The device comes with everything needed to measure and analyse from the moment the device arrives. Although the power analyser comes calibrated from the manufacturer, an optional laboratory calibration and certificate that meets ISO standards can be ordered seperately with the device or when a recalibration is required. Click the link for an overview of all power analysers that we have available to suit your needs.

PCE-830 power anlayser with memory, interface and sofware.
The three possible combinations are the PCE-830 + PCE-6801 (Set 1)
the PCE-830 + PCE6802 (Set 2) or the PCE-830 + PCE-3007 (Set 3)

PCE-830 power anlayser
View or print user's manual
Instrucciones de uso del multímetro.

- Analysis of a network of 3 phases/4 conductors, 3 phases/3 conductors, 1 phase/2 conductors, 1 phase/3 conductors
- Measures effective real value (V 123 and I 123)
- Measures active power (W, KW, MW, GW)
- Measures apparent and reactive power (KVA, KVAR)
- Power Factor (PF), phase angle (Φ)
- Measures energy and work (Wh, KWh, KVARh, PFh)
- Measures current from 0.1mA to 3000A, allowing for the reserve power of a factory to be determined
- Large LCD that shows up to 35 parameters simultaneously (3P4W [=3 phases/4 conductors])
- CT conditions (1 to 600) and PT (1 to 3000) are programmable
- Indicates current wave forms and voltage overlap
- 512KB of memory with programmable intervals to save data every 2 to 3000 seconds, 17,470 readings using the system of 3 phases / 4 conductors)
- Indicates wave forms, efficiency parameters and harmonic distortion
- Backlit LCD wth dot matrix
- Average power (AD in W, KW, MW)
- Maximum power (MD in W, KW, MW) with the programmable period
- Analysis of harmonic distortion up to a curvature of 99
- Indication of up to 50º form of harmonic wave
- Indication of the wave form with maximum value (1024 readings / period)
- Analysis of absolute distortion (%THD-F)
- Diagram of graphic equilibrium with parameters of a 3 phase system
- Detects up to 28 transistors (time and cycles) with a programmable threshold (%)
- Relation of 3 phases of voltage or asymmetrical current (VUR)
- Factor of 3 phases of voltage and asymmetrical current (d0%, d2%)
- USB port (optically insulated)
- Integrated timer and calendar to record data
- Maximum diameter of the electrical conductor for the amp clamp: the PCE-6801 ~30mm, PCE-6802 ~55mm, PCE-3007 ~170mm

Technical specifications
Measurement values Measurement ranges / resolution / accuracy
PCE-830 + PCE-6801
Watts AC (50 or 60Hz, PF 0.5 up to 1)
5.0 to 999.9W / 0.1W / ±1% ±0.8W
1,000 to 9,999kW / 0.001kW / ±1% ±8W
10.00 to 99.99kW / 0.01kW / ±1% ±80W
100.0 to 999.9kW / 0.1kW / ±1% ±0.8kW
1,000 to 9,999kW / 1kW / ±1% ±8kW
PCE-830 + PCE-6802
Watts AC (50 or 60Hz, PF 0.5 up to 1)
5.0 to 999.9W / 0.1W / ±1% ±0.8W
1,000 to 9.999kW / 0.001kW / ±1% ±8W
10.00 to 99.99kW / 0.01kW / ±1% ±80W
100.0 to 999.9kW / 0.1kW / ±1% ±0.8kW
1,000 to 9,999kW / 1kW / ±1% ±8kW
0.000 to 9.999MW / 0.001MW / ±1% ±80kW
PCE-830 + PCE-3007
Watts AC (50 or 60Hz, PF 0.5 up to 1)
10.0 to 999.9W / 0.1W / ±1% of measurement range
1,000 to 9.999kW / 0.001kW / ±1% of measurement range
10.00 to 99.99kW / 0.01kW / ±1% of measurement range
100.0 to 999.9kW / 0.1kW / ±1% of measurement range
1,000 to 9,999kW / 1kW / ±1% of measurement range
PCE-830 + PCE-6801
Current AC (50 or 60Hz, auto range select, TRMS)
0.04A to 1A / 0.001A / ±0.5% ±0.05A
0.4A to 10.0A / 0.01A / ±0.5% ±0.05A
4A to 100.0A / 0.1A / ±1.0% ±0.5A
PCE-830 + PCE-6802
Current AC (50 or 60Hz, auto range select, TRMS)
10.00A / 0.01A /
4A to 100.0A / 0.01A / ±0.5% ±0.5A
40A to 1000.0A / 0.1A / ±0.5% ±5A
PCE-830 + PCE-3007
Current AC (50 or 60Hz, auto range select, TRMS)
0 to 300A / 0.1A / ±1.0% of measurement range
300.0 to 999.9A / 0.1A / ±1.0% of measurement range
1,000 to 3,000A / 1A / ±1.0% of measurement range
Voltage AC (50 or 60Hz, TRMS)

20.0 ... 500.0 V / 0,1 V / ±0,5 % ±5 digits
20.0 ... 600.0 V / 0,1 V / ±0,5 % ±5 digits
(phase to phase)

Harmonic distortion of AC voltage 1 to 20º / 0.1% / ±1.0%
21 to 49º / 0.1% / 4% of reading ±2.0%
50 to 99º / 0.1% / 6% of reading ±2.0%
PCE-830 + PCE-6801
of AC current in %
1 to 20º / 0.1% / ±0.2% of reading ±1.0%
11 to 20º / 0.1% / ±2% of reading ±1.0%
21 to 50º (A)/ 0.1% / ±5% of reading ±1.0%
21 to 50º (mA)/ 0.1% / ±10% of reading ±1.0%
51 to 99º / 0.1% / ±35% of reading ±1.0%
PCE-830 + PCE-6802
of AC current in %
1 to 10º / 0.1% / ±2%
21 to 49º / 0.1% / 4% of reading ±2.0%
50 to 99º / 0.1% / 6% of reading ±2.0%
PCE-830 + PCE-3007
of AC current in %
1 to 10º / 0.1% / ±2%
21 to 49º / 0.1% / ±6%
50 to 99º / 0.1% / ±10%
PCE-830 + PCE6801 / PCE-830 + PCE-6802
Power Factor (PF)
0.00 to 1.00 / 0.01 / ±0.04
PCE-830 + PCE3007
Power Factor (PF)
0.000 to 1,000 / 0.001 / ±0.04
PCE-830 + PCE6801 / PCE-830 + PCE-6802
Phase angle (Phi)
-180° to 180° / 0.1° / ±1°
PCE-830 + PCE3007
Phase angle (Phi)
0° to 180° / 0.1° / ±2°
PCE-830 + PCE-6801
Total harmonic distortion
0.0 to 20.0% / 0.1% / ±1%
20.0 to 100% / 0.1% / ±3% of reading ±5%
100 to 999.9% / 0.1% / ±10% of reading ±10%
PCE-830 + PCE-6802
Total harmonic distortion
0.0 to 20.0% / 0.1% / ±2%
20.0 to 100% / 0.1% / ±6% of reading ±1%
100 to 999.9% / 0.1% / ±10% of reading ±1%
PCE-830 + PCE-3007
Total harmonic distortion
0.0 to 20.0% / 0.1% / ±2%
20.0 to 100% / 0.1% / ±6% of reading ±1%
100 to 999.9% / 0.1% / ±10% of reading ±1%
Maximum measurement of AC voltage and current 50Hz / 19µS / ±5% ±30 digits
60Hz / 16µS / ±5% ±30 digits
Peak value measurement of AC voltage and current 1.00 to 99.99 / 0.01 / ±5% ±30 digits
Frequency range in automatic mode 45 to 65Hz / 0.1Hz / 0.1Hz
Memory 512kB for a maximum 52,420 readings taken by 1 phase / 2 conductors
Port USB
Software and cable included, for Windows 2000, XP, ME
Display backlit LCD with dot matrix
Power 8 AA batteries(Mignon)
Dimensions 257 x 155 x 57mm
Weight 1,160g
Operating conditions max. 85% relative humidity / -10 to 50ºC
Type of protection / standards IEC 61010, 600 V/CAT III

PCE-830 power anlayser - clamp PCE-6801.

Set 1:
PCE-830 + PCE-6801 amp clamp (100A)

- Electrical conductor pick-up: 30mm diameter

- Range selection: manual (1A, 10A, 100A)

- Dimensions: 210 x 62 x 36mm

- Weight: 200g

PCE-830 power anlayser - clamp PCE-6802.

Set 2:
PCE-830 + PCE-6802 amp clamp (1000A)

- Electrical conductor pick-up: 55mm diameter

- Range selection: manual (10A, 100A, 1,000A)

- Dimensions: 244 x 97 x 46mm

- Weight: 600g

PCE-830 power anlayser - clamp PCE-3007 (3000A).

Set 3:
PCE-830 + PCE-3007 flexible amp clamp (3000A)

- Electrical conductor pick-up: 170mm diameter

- Minimum radial curve : 35mm

- Length of electrical conductor: 610mm

- Diameter of electrical conductor: 14mm

- Dimensions (Box): 130 x 80 x 43mm

- Weight: 410g 

Outline of the PCE-830

Connecting the amp clamps to the PCE-830:

1. Turn on the device.
2. Push the "1f3f" key until "3P3W" appears on
    the display for 3 phases / 3 conductors.
3. Connect the 3 test cables from the voltage with
    L1, L2, L3 and the analyser. The amp clamps
    are connected, as seen in the image to the
    right, between the device and the circuit.
4. The results can then be seen on the display.

PCE-830 power anlayser: connecting the amp clamps

Examples of software and of the PCE-830 analyser
PCE-830 power anlayser: graph PCE-830 power anlayser: measurement data
PCE-830 power anlayser: graph generated by the software PCE-830 power anlayser: graph of a measurement

PCE-830 power analyser, 3 amp clamps - depending on the set ordered (PCE-6801, PCE-6802 or PCE-3007), 4 alligator clips, 4 safety test lines (3m long), 8 batteries, mains adaptor, carrying case, USB cablem software and user's manual

    PCE-830 power anlayser: contents
 Image of Set 2, composed of the PCE-830 + PCE-6802

Optional accessories
- 3 x PCE-6801 amp clamps, 3 x PCE-6802 or 3 x PCE-3007 separately (excluding the PCE-830) as an addition to one of the sets available.

- 300XP portable thermal printer to quickly print the contents of the display, text and graphs. Includes batteries, mains adaptor, adjustable continuous printing every 5, 30, 60, 300 seconds, from the source

PCE-830 power anlayser: thermal printer for the PCE-830.

- The ISO laboratory calibration includes a certificate to meet with internal ISO quality control. The customer details also appear in the calibration documentation.

PCE-830 power anlayser: ISO calibration certificate

technical specifications for the PCE-830 power anlayser. return to homepage

Safety information for the use of a power analyser:
- Do not use the power analyser, the clamps or the cables when there is evidence that they have
  been damaged.PCE-830 power anlayser: direct light
- Take care when taking measurements of any type of conductors.
- To avoid damaging the power analyser, only take measurements within the specified
  ranges. Always be attentive to any warnings given be the device.
- Do not use the device in extreme temperatures, in direct sunlight, in extreme humedity or
  exposed to water.
- Avoid subjecting the device to extreme shocks and always handle it with care.
- Before turning on the device, allow it to acclimatise to the environment it will be used in. This is
  particularly important when the device is taken from cold environments to hot ones, and vice versa.
- This device should only be repaired by qualified technicians of the PCE-Group.
- Don't place the device with its display face down on a work surface to avoid damaging the keypad.
- Use the power analyser inside buildings.  If it must be used outside, do this only in dry conditions.
- Don't expose the device to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity or condensation when it
  is in use.
- This device is not protected against exposure to dust or exposure to water.
- Don't expose this device in corrosives areas or to explosive gases.
- Never use the power analyser with wet hands.
- Always wear a safety suit when handling the power analyser.
- Before connecting the test cables or clamps, always disconnect the device first.
- To avoid damage or a short circuit, leave the object being measured without a current before
  connecting the power analyser or the clamps.
- The inputs are not seperated from each other.
- Remove all lines being measured that are no being used by the installation.
- First connect the test cable the the power analyser and then to the object being measured.
- Put down the test cables with care when not being used.

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