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Precision Balance PCE-LS Series (Balanza analítica verificable de la clase superior. Class II)

Accurate precision balance of the high class with internal calibration, graphic display
menu in several languages, RS-232 interface and optional software 

weight range from 0 up to 500 and from 0 up to 3,000 g / resolution of 0.001 g and 0.01 g

LS series precision balance is an exceptional instrument. Highly accurate precision balance is available at the moderate price and can be used for different purposes. The cast aluminum housing of this precision balance protects it and ensures longer service life. The graphic display with power indicator makes reading of the data easier. With the optional software package of the precision balance you can transmit data to a PC or laptop. If your computer has only USB interface, you can request RS-232 adapter for USB. In addition to the automatic internal calibration system, you can perform an optional  external calibration with test weights (only if the balance is not checked). You can also calibrate the precision balance in a control laboratory accredited for it (e.g. for compliance with ISO) or check it in the responsible agency in your community. Other advantage of the precision balance is the possibility to determine density (overall index of all precision balances).
Here we list the features and technical specifications of this precision balance. If you have any questions about the precision balance (with 3 year guarantee) or other similar models, please call or email us: +44 ( 0 ) 2380 98703 0. Our technicians and engineers will be happy to help you with this precision balance and of course, with the other products in the field of regulation and control systemsmeasuring instruments or the balances.

User manual for Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series  EC certificate for Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series  Video for the Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series  Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series: Software.  Technical specifications for the Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series  Information for the Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series

Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series with internal calibration, graphic display.

In the upper image, you can see PCE-LS 500 series precision balance with a round weighing pan Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series ( Class II) of  120 mm diameter.  The lower image shows PCE-LS 3000 series precision balance with a square weighing pan (165 x 165 mm). Both weighing pans are made of stainless steel and can be used for all kinds of laboratory tasks, production and research.

  Precision Balance PCE-LS series: with a square  weighing plate of 165 x 165 mm.

Precision Balance PCE-LS 3000

(with a square  weighing pan of 165 x 165 mm)

 - Piece counting function of the PCE-LS:
selectable number of pieces of reference
change of the piece indicator to weight.

- Internal adjustment program:in case of
± 1 ° C variation or after an interval with a fixed time, the balance carries out an automatic adjustment (internal weighing).

- Date and time setting  (you must enter
user code).

- RS-232 data interface for PC to connect
the precision balance to a PC

- Capacity indicator: a bright increasing band
indicates the weight range availability.

- Cast aluminum metal housing 
guarantees high robustness and long service life.

- Level to set the balance properly

- Protection against dust and water IP 54

- Measurement of density by an optional density determination equipment.

- Optional official calibration certificate (for
example to comply with DIN ISO 9000).

- Precision balance for professional use.

Characteristics of the balances.

Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: External calibration with optional calibration weights (only if the balance is not verified)    Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: Internal calibration (at temperature changes or by time interval)    Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: PCS counting with references (user defined)    Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: Full tare range  
Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: Verification    Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: RS-232-Interface for direct data output to PC or Portable    Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: 230 V/12 V Power Adaptor

Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: Verifiable professional grade

Apart from the digital reading of the weighing data and the large graphic LCD display, this precision balance comes with a range (0 ...100 %) to check the used range directly. Besides, you will be able to adjust both the intensity and the back light via the keypad. The upper image shows the display of the precision balance with the backlight off.

A verified precision balance is recommended to be used for making medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Upon your request we can carry out a  calibration for you.
An official verification is required when the precision balance is used for:
 a) Trade relations when the price of the product is determined by its weight.
 b) Making medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical    laboratories.
 c) Determination of rates, tariffs and official fines as well as for official  and objective surveys in judgements.
 d) Manufacturing of packages.
Each precision balance is checked by the official authorized centre to provide it with a verification certificate. EU Verification is valid in all the countries of the EU (European Union).

Technical specifications

Balance models

PCE-LS 500

PCE-LS 3000

Maximum capacity   [max]

500 g

3000 g

Readability              [d]

0.001 g

0.01 g

Verification value      [e]

0.01 g

0.1 g


0.0015 g

0.015 g


± 0.002 g

± 0.03 g

Response time

< 5 s

Piece counting function

yes, selection of the refenrece piece

Minimum piece weight fot the piece counting

0.006 g/pcs

0.06 g/pcs

Tare range

similar to weight rate (100%)

Vibration dampening

Internal function which allows vibration dampening settings


RS-232 bi-directional interface




Graphic LCD display with backlit (multilingual)<br >and capacity tracker


- Automatic calibration with internal calibration weight
(each 2 h or at temperature change)<br > External calibration with optional weights can be requested 

Pan size (stainless steel)

Diameter 120 mm

165 x 165 mm

Operating Temperature

+18 ... +30 °C

Power supply

230V/50 Hz (via 12 V Net adaptor)


cast aluminium


IP 54

Overall dimensions

210 x 320 x 90 mm

Net weight

5 kg


Legal for Trade Class II balance/CE/OIML

Calibration of the Counting balance

Calibration: To meet UE 90/384/EWG standard, all counting balances must be officially calibrated if they are used for the following purposes:
 a) Trade relations when the price of the product is determined by its weight.
 b) Making medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical    laboratories.
 c) Determination of rates, tariffs and official fines as well as for official  and objective surveys in judgments.
 d) Manufacturing of packages.

Calibration certificate for the balances can be done by the official authorized centre. EU calibration is valid for all the countries of the EU (European Union).

Balance calibration with CAL adjusting program: The adjusting program is marked with an official mark once calibration has been carried out. Calibration will be valid for the given location. So, it is necessary to provide your postal code for the calibration. Calibration can be performed in the company or in the location of the balance depending on the balance.

Calibration of a balance with adjustment of automatic change: There are not any limitations depending on the location of the balance due to the fact that the automatic adjustment can be used after a calibration has been done, i.e. it is not sealed. In this case, calibration will not depend on location.

Calibration value: measurement of calibration tolerance which is always between 1 and 10 d.

Delivery includes
1 x analytical verifiable balance (Model PCE-LS 500 or PCE-LS 3000), 1 x 230 V/12 V mains adapter, 1 x user  manual  

Optional components

Software-Kit (PCE-SOFT-LS)
The kit includes a software to transfer data to a PC or laptop and RS-232-cable. The transferred data can also be sent to other software such as Excel. If your computer has only USB, you will need the USB adapter.

Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: Software-Kit for data input to PC.

RS-232-USB-Adaptor (RS232-USB)
Balance software comes with data cable RS-232. If you want to submit data to a laptop or computer or any other system with memory, you must use this USB adapter (which includes the start-up software).

Precision Balance -  PCE-LS Series: USB-Adaptor (for use with portable PC)

Printer (PCE-BP)
To print the results of the precision balance directly (e.g. to document weight data in the laboratory), it comes with a RS-232 printer cable  and a 240 V adapter The paper width is 112 mm.

Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series: Printer

Verification class II M
The verification of this precision balance can only be made by the official agency in your community. Once the official verification is done, it is not necessary to calibrate the balance with external calibration weight. First verification is valid for two years, then you will need to verify the balance annually.

Precision Balance PCE-LS series: Verification class II M.

ISO Calibration (ISO-PCE-BS)
For companies wishing to incorporate the precision balance in their internal control group of tools or for annual recalibration. The ISO has a laboratory  calibration with document that includes the measured values. You can also include the name of your company or customer's information.

ISO calibration certificate for the Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series.

Weight control
(EII class, 100 or 200 g according to OIML). This control weight can only be used to recalibrate the analytical scale in situ and to control the accuracy of the balance quickly.

Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series: Weight control.

Density Determination Kit (PCE-AB-DB)
The equipment is used to determine the density of solids (solid bodies). It uses the hydrostatic principle. Density is the ratio of the weight [g] and the volume [cm ³].
The weight is obtained by weighing the test material in the air. The amount is determined by the impulse [g] of a proof of material submerged in liquid.

Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series: Density determination kit

Technical specifications for the Precision Balance - PCE-LS Series.

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