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Frequency Meters
There are two different frequency meters available among our measuring instruments: High quality frequency meters. They meet the IEC-1010-1 standards.Pocket frequency meters with a measurement range from 10 Hz to 2,6 GHz and Laboratory frequency meters (tabletop) with a range from 0.1 Hz to 1.5 GHz. Both frequency meters are high quality instruments as well as they meet IEC-1010-1 and CAT II standards, so they are ideal to measure with high accuracy frequency and periods. Frequency meters are mainly used by engineers and technicians in the production and manufacturing, as well as by teachers in University colleges. Both, their high quality and performance convince our customers. If you have not found the frequency meter you are looking for, please call our offices on: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers (561) 320-9162 and our technicians and engineers will asset you about the frequency meter that best suits your needs as well as about all the measuring instruments available from PCE Instruments. 

Here you can see frequency meters from these companies:

Frequency Meters by PCE-InstrumentsFrequency Meters by BK PrecisionFrequency Meters by Peaktech

Technical specifications about our frequency meters can be found at the following links:

Bench Frequency Meters

- Frequenzy Meters PKT-4060  

  (Frequency Meters with LED-Display, Software and USB-Interface)

Frequency Meters with USB-InterfaceFrequency Meters by PCE-Instruments

- Frequency Meters PKT-4025 

  (Frequency Meters with LED-Display and USB-Interface)

Frequency Meters with LED-DisplayFrequency Meters by Peaktech

- Frequency Meters PCE-SDG10xx Serie

  (Frequency Meters up to 200 MHz with function generator, arbitrary function, USB, Software)

Frequncy Meters fith function generator

- Frequency Meters BK-1856D

  (Frequency Meters up to 3,5 GHz, UPM function)

BK-1856D Frequency MetersFrequency Meters by BK Precision

- Frequency Meters PKT-4035 

  (Frequency Meters with wide measuring range and 3,5" TFT-LCD-Display)

Fruequency Meters with TFT-LCD-DisplayFrequency Meters by Peaktech

General Information abot Frequency Meters: Frequency Meters are Measuring Instruments which are developed to identify the frequency of an electrical AC Voltage. Due to the version the Frequency Meters can handle sine or rectangle waves. The frequency is shown by the Frequency Meters in the Unit Hertz (Hz). The simple Frequency Meters version measures and counts  the oscillation during a fixed time. The shown value value is the arithmetic average. Non periodic events will not noticed by the Frequency Meters. A lot of Frequency Meters have an additional function for a high resolution time measurement. That is the reason why they also known as Universal counter. Due to the wide range of functions and the high accuracy the digital Frequency Meters are more popular than the analog Frequency Meters. A housing for the desktop is an option and also a version for the mobile use of Frequency Meters. Frequency Meters are often used by Technician and Engineers in the field of production and Quality Management. Furthermore it us used by professors at the universities. An important function is the arbitrary function of the frequency Meters. This functions allows to generate every kind of signal wave. Besides the signal wave it is possible to adjust the Amplitude, Symmetry and the Offset at the Frequency Meters.

If you wish to print a selection of frequency meters from our printed catalogue, click the PDF symbol.

frecuency meters from our printed catalogue


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If you have any questions, call our offices on:
UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30
US customers (561) 320-9162

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