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DCF-Radio Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC
DCF-Radio-Weather Station with sensors for wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, relative air pressure and rain quantity / 4 days forecast and local weather through the Swiss meteorological service METEOTEST / USB interface / Analysis Software

The DCF-Radio-Weather Station is suitable for any person who needs data for hobby reasons or for work purposes. Connection to a PC for data transference is possible. Data can be visualised, turned into statistical data and stored via the included software. This DCF-Radio Weather Station 4CastPC records wind direction, wind force, temperature, relative humidity and rain quantity. The 4CastPC Station receives via DCF-/HBG time signal transmitter regional weather information for your region for four days (current day and the three following days) processed by professional meteorologists. Significant weather events are displayed as plain text in addition to the forecast representations. Moreover extensive weather data can be obtained directly with local weather sensors and presented on the DCF Weather Station 4CastPC display. This way extensive weather information can be received regarding regional and local weather to involve microclimatic differences respecting the regional weather. The included analysis software enables observation and comparison of weather prospects over a longer period of time on the basis of diagrams and graphics. Everything you need to know about opening and using this DCF-Radio Weather Station is included in the delivery. If there are any questions about these products, please contact us: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers +1-410-387-7703. Our technicians and engineers will gladly give you advice on this wireless weather station and all other products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales.

User manual for the DCF-Radio Weather Station 4CastPC  EC certificate for the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC  Video for the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC  DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC: Software.  Technical specifications for the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC  Information for the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC

DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC

  DCF77-forecast data
- Weather forecast by DCF/HBG for 479 cities in 90 European regions via Swiss weather service 
- Day and night forecast for the current day and the following 3 days
- Additional display in plain terms for storm and other weather warnings
- Probability of rainfall for the current day
- Wind velocity and wind direction for the current day
- Display for time, weekdays, calendar, sunrise and sunset
- Alarm mode
- Data from up to 5 regions retrievable simultaneously – ideal for holiday planning

Technical Specifications:

Rear view of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC

Rear view of the DCF-Radio-Weather 
Station 4CastPC

Side view of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC.

Side view of the DCF-Radio-Weather 
Station 4CastPC

  Local Data
- Current air pressure
- Air pressure course of the last 24 hours or the last 24 days displayed
- Air pressure trend
- Lunar phase
- Wind direction (wind rose and numerical)
- Wind force
- Rain quantity for different time intervals
- Inside temperature/humidity with min./max. memory and comfort zone display
- Outdoor temperature/humidity up to 5 radio sensors with min./max. memory
- All local sensors transmit data via radio to the weather station
- Range of 100 m

General Points
- USB interface for transmitting all weather data to a PC
- PC software visualises further statistical data
- Large display with blue background lights and adjustable contrast
- Operation of the weather station via mains adapter is possible
- Wall mount or table standing
- Can be established worldwide (4 days forecast only in Germany and Switzerland is possible)
- Possibility to recover data of 5 cities simultaneously
- Possibility to set a display contrast
- Different alarm functions
- Display of weekday and weather information in 7 languages (GB, GER, FR, IT, SP, Dutch, SW)

DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC.

Technical Specifications:

Radio broadcast frequency

434 MHz

Radio broadcast distance
-Thermo-hygro sensor
-Wind meter, rain meter

100 meters max (visibility)
30 meters max (visibility)

Barometric measuring range of air pressure

(on sea level)

500 hPa … 1100 hPa (14.75 inHg .. 32.44 inHg)
(374.5 mmHg … 823.8 mmHG)

Range of altimeter

-200 … 5000 m (-657 ft … 16405 ft)

Barometric maximum resolution

0.1 hPa (0.003 inHg/0.08 mmHg)

Barometric air pressure measurement precision

+/- 5hPa (0.015 inHg/0.38 mmHg)

External temperature measuring range

-40 °C … 80 °C (-40 °F … 176 °F)

Inside temperature measuring range

-9.9 °C … 60 °C (14.2 °F … 140 °F)

Operating temperature

-5 °C … 50 °C (23 °F … 122 °F)

Exact temperature

+/- 1 °C or +/- 2 °F

Temperature resolution

0.1 °C or 0.2 °F

Display of humidity

0 % … 99 % r. F.

Precision display of humidity

+/- 5 % r. F.

Resolution of humidity

1 % r. F.

Receiving cycle (outdoor)
Thermo-hydro sensor
Rain meter
Wind meter

approx. 47 s
183 s
33 s

Display of wind direction

16 positions

Precision display of wind direction

+/- 11.25°

Resolution of wind direction


Wind measurement

from 4.8 km/h

Display wind velocity

0 … 321.7 km/h (199.9 mph/173.7 knots/89.3 m/s)

Precision wind velocity

+/- 3.2 km/h + 5 %

Wind / gust sampling interval

11 seconds

1h / 24h / yesterday rainfall range

0.0 … 1999.9 mm (78.73 inch)

Last week / last month rain measurement amount

0 … 19.999 mm (787.3 inch)

Temperature transmitting cycle (inside)

10 seconds

Humidity transmission cycle (inside)

10 seconds

Dimensions main device 

248 x 196 x 37 mm

Electricity Supply

Main device

4 x 1.5 V AA batteries or AC/DC adaptor 7.5 V 200 mA

Thermo-hygro sensor

2 x 1.5 V AA batteries

Anemometer (wind meter) 

2 x 1.5 V AA batteries

Rain meter

2 x 1.5 V AA batteries

Hardware preconditions for the PC software


Operating system

Windows 98, SE or recent

Main memory

32 MB RAM or more

Free disk storage unit

20 MB or more

Optical drive

2 x CD-ROM drive

Data transmission METEOTIME

Transfer time (UTC*)
=22.00 … 03.59
=04.00 … 09.59
=10.00 … 15.59
=16.00 … 18.59
=19.00 … 21.59

Forecast for
the current day (today)
the next day (tomorrow)
the day after next day
3 days after today
30 additional regions

*UTC= Coordinated Universal Time
Central European Wintertime = UTC + 1 hour
Central European Summertime = UTC – 1 hour

Radio transmitter of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC
Radio transmitter of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC

Rain sensor of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC.
Rain sensor of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC

Wind sensor of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC
Wind sensor of the DCF-Radio Weather Station 4CastPC

This is a part of the analysis software of the DCF-Radio-Weather Station 4CastPC
This is a part of the analysis software of the DCF-Radio Weather Station

Delivery Content

1 x display, 1 x table stand, 1 x mains adapter, 1 x radio-temperature/humidity external sensor, 1 x radio-rain quantity sensor, 1 x radio-wind sensor (direction, force), 1 x USB cable. 1 x PC software, 1 x instructions

DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC for Germany

The observation of weather data with the weather station is significant not only globally but also for local areas. This could extend from a simple display for weather data over a long-term observation and analysis of recorded data to the reaction of exceeding or sub-exceeding of certain values. The weather station permits all these possibilities in connection with the software for using and evaluating as well as the interface. The weather station can be used in private as well as in industrial areas, for instance, by farmers and foresters, skippers, in the water management and by organisers of outdoor events. Besides measuring inside temperature and humidity, the using of various sensors like rain meter, wind direction display or wind velocity sensors is possible. The radio sensors have a range of up to 100 m (free area). Hence, a totally free and flexible installation is feasible. The electricity for the sensors is guaranteed by batteries. All sensors will be recognised automatically and can be used at once. While the weather station informs constantly about all current weather data and developments on a large display (e.g. air pressure trend), the data can be recorded and analysed via the evaluating software at the same time. All measuring values of the weather station will be transmitted through the interface on the PC/notebook. The weather station enables comfortable and extensive observation and analysis of weather data as well as reaction on certain weather conditions. 
-Weather Station WP/WK 
(with male and female graphic (weather forecast), radio sensor, time, date, min-max)
-Weather Station 3 View
(up to 3 sensors connectable, weather forecast, radio clock, date, min-max)
-Weather Station BF-Pro
(soft touch buttons, up to 3 sensors connectable, projector for time/temperature)

Further information about DCF-Radio-Weather Station with four days forecast 4CastPC. return to homepage

Here you can see further products in the field of "Professional Wireless Weather Station".

- Weather station K 4000
  (mobile combination device with temperature, wind chill, humidity, barometric pressure)

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  (for the agricultural sector, wind direction, velocity humidity, logger, RS232, software)

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  (Wireless weather station with transmission of data up to 100 m, alarm function)

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