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Network certifier WireXpert
 Network certifier for certification, efficiency metering, error analysis and speed detection / standard accordant / future-proof / faster and simpler!

The network certifier WireXpert sets new standards in efficient, accurate and standard accordant certification of structured generic cablings. The network certifier WireXpert is designed with its frequency range from 1 to 1600 MHz, is designed to fulfill current and future cabling standards. In less than nine seconds (in class Ea) the device performs automatically all compulsory measurements. In terms of errors the high precision network certifier WireXpert helps tracing back the error cause. Whether its cupper or fiber glass cablings, the new network certifier WireXpert masters all classes and all standards like ISO11801, Cenelec EN50173 and TIA 568. The acceptance control of generic cablings builds the base of that verification, thus it is important that the results of the measuring technique are reliable. The network certifier is to operate via a robust coloured touch screen with extended operator guidance and embedded help function that almost spares the need of a handbook. The WireXpert is equipped already with the highest band width as well as required interfaces. The user can manually install charge free updates and unlock updates and additional functions. With the optional purchasable glass fiber modules allows upgrading the network certifier WireXpert in order to measure and certify the multimode and single-mode glass fibers. The new operation concept with two identical devices makes an acceptance control very easy. The dual control system (DCS) allows a more efficient acceptance control. While it was before almost necessary to perform the acceptance control with two technicians, now these acceptance controls can be performed by a single person alone. Stored measurements are saved entirely in graphic data format and via the software ReportXpert for significant measurement protocols included in delivery these data are reprocessed to significant measurement protocols and professional certificates. If there are any questions about this network certifier WireXpert, please have a look at the technical specification below or call: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers +1-410-387-7703. Our technicians and engineers will gladly advise you in all LAN testers and all products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales

 Network Certifier  WireXpert  User manual for the  Network Certifier  WireXpert  EC certificate for the  Network Certifier  WireXpert  Video for the  Network Certifier  WireXpert   Network Certifier  WireXpert  further Images  Technical specifications of the  Network Certifier  WireXpert

Network Certifier WireXpert

- Cable test 1 to 1600 MHz for class C/D/EA/FA & Kat 3/5e/6/6A/7a
- Glass fiber expansion for 850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm
- Data storage for more than 7000 test results
- Dual control system (DCS) with two identical handheld devices
- Fastest autotest in less than 9 seconds
- High precision and better than level IV
- Easy handling via LCD touch screen
- Professional documentation generator
- Impact resistant enclosure, drop- and hit resistant design, long battery lifetime

Features and advantages

Network certifier WireXpert: features and advantages Five irrefutable arguments in favor of WireXpert:

Simple handling:
Easy to handle due to touch screen at both devices with embedded context related help make a handbook almost unnecessary.

Reliable and robust:
Accuracy higher than level IV.

Running expenses:
No expenses for upgrades. The device is unlocked for all frequencies. Low cost measuring adapters keep the operating costs at a low rate.

Highest efficiency:
Two identical main devices instead of the common main and remote devices make half the route and higher productivity due to faster work.

Measures up to 1,600 MHz frequency ranges and complies with the requirements for cable checking of networks with up to 40 GB/sec Ethernet. 

Technical Specifications

Test parameter

supported frequency range: 1 MHz to 1600 MHz
exceeds TIA level IV accuracy


Internet flash storage: more than 500 MB (more than 2,000 measurements)
USB flash storage: 1 GB included in delivery , (32 GB max.) allows flexible storing

Power Supply

changebale / rechargeable Li-ion batteries allow 8 hrs. continuing operation
mains adapter: 100-240 V AC

Gauging standards

TIA-568-C.2, Category 5 to 7A
ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173, class D, E, E
A, F, FA

Supported Gauging

Cable length, lifespan and delay time between the two pairs, wiring and shielding, refection absorption and loop impedance, near-end crosstalk attenuation (NEXT) pair-to-pair and line summation (PowerSum), decrement to near-end crosstalk attenuation ratio of distant end (ACRF), pair-to-pair and total performance (PowerSum), absorbability (insertion loss)


measuring adapter, Ethernet port, RJ45, for remote control, USB host and device connections, headset connection: 3.5 socket


232 x 126 x 86.7 mm

Delivery Content

2 x identical hand-held devices with dual control system (respectively applicable as main and end device)
2 x lithium ion batteries
2 x kat 6A permanent link adapter
2 x kat 6A channel adapter
1 x bag, 1 x pc software (ReportXpert)
1 x handbook
1 x USP stick
1 x calibration certificate
2 x talkset

Additional Equipment

WX4500 multimode glass fiber measuring module (1 pair)

for certification check at 850 nm and 1300 nm with two wavelengths 
light source (850nm and 1300 nm VCSEL LED light source)

WX4500 singlemode glass fiber measuring module (1 pair)

for certification inspection at 1310 nm and 1550 nm with two wavelengths 
light source (1310 nm an s 1550 nm laser light source)

Class FA TERA channel adapter ( 1 pair)

with interface for class F / class FA channel inspection

Class FA permanent link adapter-  TERA interface (1 pair)

including fully assembled connection cable (1 pair)
for class F /class F
A permanent link check

Class FA channel adapter GG45 / ARJ45 interface (1 pair)

for class F / class FA channel check

Class FA permanent link adapter - GG45/ARJ45 interface (1 pair)

including fully assembled connection cable (1 pair)
for class F /class F
A permanent link check

Adapter for connection of unassembled cable

Further information about network certifier WireXpert:

Simple handling

The network certifier WireXpert with its intuitive graphic user prompting at the colored, bright and clear lightening LCD touch screen makes the measurement easier than ever. The new dual control system (DCS) - with two identical main and end devices- alleviates the test operation of your acceptance control significantly. Whether it is only one technician or two, the travel time between the connection jacks -and therefore your expenses- is minimized. 

Class FA (CAT 7A) certification

The WireXpert is the only network certifier on the market, that is able to gauge class FA cablings for the whole specified frequency range  with the required accuracy. Indeed the measurement engine of the WireXpert is already able to test future cabling standards for 40 G and 1000 G Ethernet through cupper cables. 

Low operation expenses due to innovative permanent link measuring adapter

The WireXpert combine the accuracy of previous permanent link measuring adapters with the advance of low operation costs of a patch cable based measuring solution. 

Complete glass fiber certification for multimode and single mode

The WireXpert glass fiber measuring adapter allows a complete glass fiber certification for multimode and singlemode installations. Two wavelengths end-to-end measurements are supported for MM and SM. If single-ended measurements are required, a device pair can be used as two separate devices. The raised productivity lowers the effective operation costs.

Technology progress in areas of measuring technique

The WireXpert uses a novel architecture that reaches high band widths at highest measuring accuracy. This one-of-a-kind HF measuring technique exceeds the requirements of the TIA level IV accuracy for the whole frequency range. The new, digital high-speed- synchronization- and data-processing-circuits supply highest measuring speeds. 

Alien crosstalk measurement

Alien crosstalk measurements are executed at the WireXpert by means of two WireXpert sets, which means that there is no need of special measuring adapters or to bring along a laptop to a construction site, in order to analyze the measuring data. 

further information about the  Network Certifier  WireXpert

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