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PAT tester Secutest S2N+
Measuring device according to VDE standards 0701/702 and VDE standard 0751 for electro-medical devices / PAT tester with data interface for computers and printers  

The PAT tester Secutest S2N+ is a universal measuring device to check the electronic security for portable electronic equipment in the industrial field. The PAT tester is customized to check safety of portable electronic operation devices after maintenance or modification according to DIN VDE 0701 or after regular time intervals (repeating tests) according to DIN VDE 0702. The PAT tester recognizes automatically the safety class of the test object and performs the complex measuring mostly automatically. The in practice most approved DIN VDE 0701/0702 allows in order to evaluate state of isolation besides measuring the isolation resistance additionally the measurement of the leakage current through measuring the differential current that is performed in case of the PAT tester Secutest S2N+ within a complete performance analysis or performed as an individual examination. Texts about operator guidance, parameterization, measuring and inspection results, connection switch, help text and fault reporting are shown in clear text on a large dot matrix LCD directly at the meter. The application areas include craft, office, industry, nursing- and retirement homes, and hospitals. Via the standard RS232 interface a data transfer from the PAT tester to a SI module (data storage), a PSI module (printer with storage) or laptop or computer can be performed. For the computer there is software of the PAT tester facilitated that allows the user to create inspection protocols and including the measurement and the inspection of results into the operation device management or into the whole administration of the electronic craft. If there are any questions about the PAT tester Secutest S2N+, please call: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers +1-410-387-7703. Our technicians and engineers will gladly give you advice on this professional PAT tester and all other products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales.

Pat tester Secutest S2N+ prices  Pat tester Secutest S2N+ user's manual  CE-Certification of the Pat tester Secutest S2N+  Pat tester Secutest S2N+ Videos  Pat tester Secutest S2N+ further images  Pat tester Secutest S2N+ Software  Pat tester Secutest S2N+ Technical specifications

More information on the Pat tester Secutest S2N+

- Connection of test object 
Menu driven inspection procedure
- protection class (I or II)
- data interface for PC, printer

- Compact construction
- low weight
- function test with performance analysis 
- documenting devices

Measuring method of the PAT tester

The PAT tester is made to check the electric safety of electronically operating devices according to BGV A2. The measuring device is meant for quick and secure inspection and measurement of repaired or modified electric devices according to DIN VDE 0701 and for repeating inspection according to DIN VDE 0702. According to these regulations the following is measured:
- Protective conductor resistance
- Isolation resistance
- Protective conductor current for SK1 devices
- Touch-current (for SK2 devices)
- Zero-potential of touchable conducting parts (= touch-current)
- PATient leakage current (AC/DC- fractions are measured separately)

Measuring methods of the PAT tester:
- Direct measurement
- Alternative leakage current
- Differential current

The PAT tester Secutest S2N+ is meant to check and measure repaired or modified electro-medical devices according to DIN VDE 0751 quickly and reliably. The compliance with safety- related regulations allows the user of the inspection meter a safe handling of the electro-medical device. Another point is the safety for patients while using checked electro-medical devices.

Function of the PAT tester

The PAT tester automatically recognizes the safety class of the test object and performs a complex measurement. The measurement of differential current complies with regulation for repeating test DIN VDE 0702.

Recording functions
All data required for an acceptance protocol or maintenance book (e.g. of ZVEH) for electric production equipment can be measured via this PAT tester. The module SECUTEST PSI, a printer with data storage, integrated interface and keyboard is adaptable to the cover and widens the application range of the PAT tester. With the measuring and inspection protocol, that can be printed directly via the module SECUTEST PSI or a computer or can be stored on a computer, all measured data can be documented and archived. The same function, but without a printer, is provided by the lower priced storage module SI.

Performance check with analysis (even for high-performance test objects applicable (16 A))
Via the integrated inspection socket a performance check with adapter voltage can be performed on the test object. The performance check can be started immediately after a passed test. Thereby are measured or automatically calculated:
- Adapter voltage, differential current, current draw, effective and apparent power, performance factor, electric energy, start-up time.

Multimeter function
Extensive multimeter function including temperature measurement complements reasonably the measuring potential for the operator. The following single measurements can be performed:
Alternating and direct current, resistance, search phases, current via clamps (equipment), temperature via Pt100 (equipment).

Through this connection the data transfer and current supply of the (P)SI- module is purchasable as an equipment. Via an interface cable also other devices, e.g. a computer or printer, can be connected to the PAT tester.

With that key information and connection, pictures for current display can be ordered. The information will be displayed in a LCD display-panel.

Function switch
Via the function switch inspection procedures or measuring functions can be picked. A direct assignment of switch setting to inspection regulation facilitates the operation.

Pole change of adapter
A manual pole change of the adapter is not necessary. It is performed during the inspection procedure internally on demand. 

Safety installations
The device monitors the adapter connection. It signals defective or dangerous connections and closes in case of endangerment. 

The LCD display of the PAT tester is made of a dot matrix which displays the menu as well as possible settings, measuring values, notes and error indication or even connection circuits. 

Regulations and Standardizations of the PAT tester

IEC/EN 61 010-1:2001

Safety regulations for electric Measuring-, control-

VDE 0411-1:2002

regulating- and laboratory devices- General requirements

DIN VDE 0404 Part 1: 2002

Inspection- and Measuring facilities to check electronic security of electric devices- General specification

DIN VDE 0404 Part 2: 2002

Devices for safety-related inspection of electronic operating facilities- devices with repeating inspections

DIN EN 60 529/

Inspection devices and Inspection procedure

VDE 0470 Part 1

Protection types due to enclosure (IP code)

DIN EN 61 326
VDE 0843 Part 20

Electronic operating facilities for process control and laboratory application- EMV requirements


Repair inspection

Repeating inspection

Check test objects due to following regulations

DIN VDE 0701 Teil 1:2000

DIN VDE 0701 Teil 240

DIN VDE 0751: 2001

DIN VDE 0702: 2004

DIN VDE 0751: 2001

Electric operating facilities





Working and consumer devices




Mains-operated electronic devices





Hand-operated electric tools





Extension lines




Devices for information technology




Electro-medical devices




Technical data of the PAT tester


Storage temperature:

-20…+60 °C

Operating temperature:

-10…+50 °C

Accuracy range:

0…+50 °C

Relative humidity:

max. 75 % RH (eliminate condensation)

Height above sea level:

max. 2000 m

Site of operation indoors, outside:

only within the mentioned surrounding conditions

Power supply line voltage:

207…253 V

Line frequency:

50 Hz ±2 Hz

Power input: approx:

15 VA
Lasting during performance check max. 3600 VA, performance is led by inspection device, operating capacity ≤ 16 A

Data interface type:

RS 232C, serial


9600, N, 8, 1

Electric security protection class:

I according to IEC 61010-1/EN

Nominal voltage:

230 V

Isolation test voltage:

2.35 kV 50 Hz

Measurement category:


Pollution degree:


Safety shutdown:

in case of differential current of test object >25 mA

Shut-down time:

100 ms
A sensor >10 mA, <1 ms

Inspection of right mains connection on the PAT tester

Type of error in mains connection




Earth conductor PE against finger contact, voltage at

text in LCD display panel

press U > 40 V key


Earth conductor PE and outer conductor L switched and / or neutral conductor N interrupted

Lamp glows

Voltage at
 PE > 100 V


Touch- voltage at earth conductor PE against neutral conductor N or outer conductor L

Text in LCD display panel

U> 25 V

Blocked, but blocking can be cut off (e.g. IT- network)

Supply voltage much to low

Lamp glows !

UL-N< 180 V


Actuating variable and effect of influence

Actuating variable/ effecting range

Description according to DIN VDE 0404

Effect of influence ± …% from measuring value

Alteration of position


Alteration of voltage supply of test-facility



Temperature fluctuation

stated effects of influence count per  10 K temperature alteration:

0 … 21 °C and 25 … 40 °C


1 in case of earth conductor resistance

0.5 every other measuring range

Level of test current



Low frequency magnetic fields



Impedance of test object



Capacity at isolation measurement



Curve formation of measured current





49 …51 Hz

2 at capacitive load (at alternative leakage current)

45 …100 Hz

1 (at touch current)


2.5 every other measuring ranges

Electromagnetic compatibility of the PAT tester

Electromagnetic compatibility product standardization DIN EN 61326:2002

Emitted interference


EN 55022


interference resistance

inspection value

performance characteristic

EN 61000-4-2

Contact/air - 4 kV/8 kV


EN 61000-4-3

10 V/m


EN 61000-4-4

Power connection - 2 kV


EN 61000-4-5

Power connection - 1 kV


EN 61000-4-6

Power connection - 3 V


EN 61000-4-11

0,5 period/ 100 %


Mechanic construction of the PAT tester


multi display via dot matrix 128 x 128 dots, display with backlight

Dimensions 292 x 130 x 243 mm
Weight:  approx. 4,5 kg
Protection type enclosure:

IP 40, Connection: IP 20 according to DIN VDE 0470 Part 1/EN 60529, table excerpt for meaning of IP codes


Protection against penetration 


Protection against penetration

(1. cipher X)

of hard foreign material

(2. cipher Y)

of water


not protected


not protected


≥50,0 mm Ø


vertical dripping


≥12,5 mm Ø


drops (at 15° angle)


≥2,5 mm Ø




≥1,0 mm Ø


water jet

Software for the PAT tester

Different software types and construction modules are available for utilisation with the VDE inspection meter:

- PC.doc-Word/ Excel Z714A  (simple protocolling in MS-Word or Excel)

Premise: Microsoft Word or Excel
the Software insert the test results and the in the entered data in protocol- or list-forms . These data
can be complement or print by Microsoft WORD or Excel.

- PC.doc-Access Z714B  (simple recording in MS- Access data base)
Premise: Microsoft ACCESSThe software administrates hardware-, machines-, devices-, master-, and test- data. The test data will be entered automatically, if existent in inspection meter, into the master- and test- data list, which is assigned to the customer. The test data will be displayed depending on testing specification. The data will be shown in lists or in data sheet format and can be sorted and filtered manifold. Thus a complete test management is enabled. Protocols and deadline lists will be printed for pre-set ident-number ranges and dates.

- Pro- software PS3 GM (Basic module and device driver) Z530E
Software for inspection devices- installation-/operating facilities management + Protocol generating:
Automatic takeover and evaluation of measuring data from inspections of installations and operating facilities, administration of these installations and operating facilities with corresponding inspection results in a data base, automatic generation of inspection protocols according to recommendation of crafts confederations.

- Pro- software PS3 AM (device driver, basic module and advanced module) Z531N
like PS3 GM but upgraded with the following modules:
- Operating facilities management
- Remote
- Maintenance management

- barcode print

Configuration varieties

Inspection current±200 mA DC

Inspection current eligible ±200 mA DC or 10 A AC
Procedures for ICE 61010, ICE 60335, ICE 60950
Data storage for up to 125 inspections

Delivery content of the PAT tester:
1 x PAT tester Secutest S2N+ or Secutest S2N+10, 1 x sensor cable with inspection tip, 1 x adaptable crocodile clamp for inspection tips, 1 x DKD certificate, 1 x carrying strap, 1 x CD (demo) PC-software, instruction manual

Additional equipment:
- Storage module SI/ Printer storage module PSI
 The values measured by the VDE inspection meter can be stored in that module, commentaries can  be added via the keyboard and be printed (only PSI). The LCD
display serves as a display of the inspection meter. A statistical evaluation of the measuring values
- percental fraction of passed functional tests- is performable as well. 
The (P)SI module is screwed space- saving into the cover of the inspection meter. Delivered with two paper rolls (PSI), 1 ribbon (PSI), instruction manual
display serves as a display of the        inspection meter. A statistical evaluation of the measuring values
- percental fraction of passed functional tests- is performable as well. 
The (P)SI module is screwed space- saving into the cover of the inspection meter. Delivered with two paper rolls (PSI), 1 ribbon (PSI), instruction manual

Storage module SI/ Printer storage module PSI for Pat tester

- RS-232 PC Connection-cable DA-II
(Interface RS-232 for data transfer from storage   module to a computer, to read measuring values) length: 2m 
Type: Sub-D 9-pole
- 1:1 uncrossed
Please consider: The cable is no standard- RS232-cable. 

RS-232 PC Connection-cable DA-II for Pat tester

Interface-converter Z501LRS232-USB
That interface-converter is customized to connect eligible devices with RS232-interface on computer that are only equipped with one USB interface (e.g. laptop). Included in delivery is also a CD with the interface driver, necessary. 

Interface-converter Z501L RS232-USB for Pat tester Secutest S2N+

- Reserve paper role PS-10P for storage module/ Printer module (10 pieces)

- Adapter for extension line VL2E  
  (DIN VDE 0701/0702)
The inspection adapter made for inspections of 
electric devices and connection lines with CEE plug-connection via inspection meter according to regulations:
VDE 0701-1:2000 (after maintenance)
VDE 0702 (repeating tests).

Inspection of earth conductor
Isolation resistance, alternate earth current,
functioning inspection
Adapter for extension line VL2E (DIN VDE 0701/0702)  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- External temperature sensor Z3409
  PT 100 standard sensor for surfaces and submerging measurements.
  Class A IEC 751
  Measuring range: - 40 ... +600 °C
  Length: 130 mm
  T90 = 5 s
External temperature sensor Z3409 PT 100  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Clamp current sensor WZ12C
  Measuring range: 1 mA ...15 A u. 1 A ...150A
  Frequency range:  45 ... 65 ... 400 Hz
  Translation:    1 mV / mA und 1 mV / A
  Initial apparent ohmic resistance:
  >1 MΩ und >10 kΩ
  Deviation:     ±3 % und ±2 % from average.
  max. overload:  300 A und 750 A
  Off-load voltage.: max. 27 V
  Clamp opening: 15 mm
  Dimensions: 40 x 26 x 120 mm
  Wires:           600 V CAT II
Clamp current sensor WZ12C  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Calibration adapter Secu-cal 10
Calibration adapter customized to check measuring devices in order to test inspection meters on their measurement certainty.
According to specifications in accident prevention regulations BGV
A2 and ISO 9000 standards, these inspection devices are to check annually. Therefore are inspections according to DIN VDE like earth conductor resistance, isolation resistance, alternative leakage current and differential and/or contact- or enclosure leakage current.
Calibration adapter  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Inspection adapter for single phase lines EL1
Inspection adapter for single phase lines EL1  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Adapter for rotary current consumer Z745A devices which are equipped with a CEE socket, can be checked according to VDE 0701/ 0702: 
  - CEE-Einbausteckdosen: 16 A/3-polig, 
    16A /5-polig, 32 A /5-polig 
  - CEE installation socket: 16 A/3-pole
    16A/5-pole, 32 A/ 5-pole
    Security sockets for rotary current devices
    without plumbed socket

    Ground continuity monitoring, isolation check
    for every phase/ completely via rotary switch
CEE-Adapter  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Inspection adapter AT3-IIS for VDE 0701, 0702, 0751DIN VDE inspections without mains operation:
   -Earth conductor resistance, isolation
    resistance, alternate leakage current DIN    
   -VDE inspection with mains operation:
   Differential current, contact current
   Equipment: 5 pole CEE 32 A (max. 20 A) and
   CEE 16 A
   Dimensions: 260 x 120 x 150 mm
   Weight: approx. 2.2 kg
   Cable Set KS17-2
Inspection adapter AT3-IIS  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- cable set KS17-2
The cable sets consist respectively of two measuring lines with plumbed checking tips at one end and angle plugs protected from contact. For special measurement tasks, there can be adapted hook clips,
crocodile clips or gusset shoe to the checking tips. The cable sets consist respectively of two measuring lines with plumbed checking tips at one end and angle plugs protected from contact. For special measurement tasks, there can be adapted hook clips, crocodile clips or gusset shoe to the checking tips. The cable sets consist respectively of two measuring lines with plumbed checking tips at one end and angle plugs protected from contact. For special measurement tasks, there can be adapted hook clips, crocodile clips or gusset shoe to the checking tips.
Cable set KS17-2  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- cable set KS13
Cable-Set to connect inspection meters to the network; To check e.g. coffee makers. To connect to network without isolated ground receptacle, consisting of appliance outlet with plumbed supply conductor, three adaptable clip terminal and two adaptable checking tips
Cable set KS13 for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Sensor cable SK5
  Cable (length: 5 m) for earth conductor check.
  -Automatic recognition of control point
   alternating as a software
upgrade on floppy disc
  -Good/ poor- signaling via various displays
Sensor cable SK5  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Brush probe Z745G 
Brush probe Z745G  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- PC.doc-Word Z714A
requirement: Microsoft WORD
The software inserts the measuring results and the measuring data typed into the type-in module of the inspection meter in forms of a protocol or a listing formula. These can be
completed via Microsoft WORD and then be printed. The software is ideal for sporadic measurements. 
PC.doc-Word Z714A  for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- PC.doc-Access Z714B
  Requirement: Microsoft ACESS.
The software manages data of devices, machines, installations, inspections and standing data. The inspection data are, if existent in inspection meter, automatically written in standing data- and
inspection data-lists, which are attributed to customer. The software is adequate for medial number of measurements (several measurements per month).
PC.doc-Access Z714B for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Software for maintenance and repairs PS3 GM
PS3 GM adopts the determined measuring data and assigns them automatically to activities like inspection, maintenance or inspection. In a few production steps and with minor time effort you can achieve inspection protocols and transfer reports that are ready to sign. The protocol form is only partially editable, for full
edit ability the advanced version PS3 AM of the software with an extra module is required.
Software for maintenance and repairs management PS3 GM for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- Advanced software PS3 AM (incl. extra module)
advanced receivables e.g. date follow-up and listing creation to the point of complete object management (devices, building) with inventory control, tasks, repairs that are covered by the extra module and eventually by an additional module. 
ISO calibration certificate CAL-SEC
Advanced software PS3 AM (incl. extra module) for Pat tester Secutest S2N+
- ISO calibration certificate CAL-SEC
Laboratory calibration and certification including inspection certificate for the PAT testing device Secutest (either in case of re-order for replacements of the device or for re-calibration (e.g. annually, depending on internal ISO- hand book)) to meet the ISO standards during application of inspection device. 
 ISO calibration certificate CAL-SEC for Pat tester Secutest S2N+

Further information on Pat tester Secutest S2N+

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