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Platform scales PCE-EP P Series 
Dual-interval platform scales / higher resolution / counting function / summing function / detachable tripod / powered by rechargeable battery / container weighing function / bi-directional RS-232 interface

The robust industrial platform scales are true all-rounder. The tripod of the platform scales can easily be separated from the platform and the display with plug is approx. 1.6 m long. The display of the platform scale is protected by a stainless steel case what meets IP54 protection. The display can be mounted to a table, wall or tripod. 

In addition the the  standard function such as the counting function, summing function, gross/net weighing, limit value weighing function and PEAK hold function, the platform scales also have two special functions: the filter function for dynamic weighing and the container weighing function. The bi-directional RS-232 interface enables easy communication with a PC or printer. The weight of the platform scales can be retrieved by the PC via an interrogation command. We also offer similar, official verified platform scales, like our PCE-SD series

If you have any further questions regarding the PCE-EP P platform scales, please have a look at the following technical data or use our contact form. Our technical staff and engineers are happy to give you advice on the platform scales or any other products from PCE Instruments´ areas of control equipment, laboratory technology, measuring devices or scales.

platform scales of the PCe-EP P series with and without tripod

- Single-point platform scales (1 weighing cell)
- Dual-interval scales 15 / 30 kg and 60 / 150 kg
- freely adjustable unit of measurement kg/...
- Bi-directional RS-232 interface
- Mains or rechargeable battery powered
- Display IP54 protected 
- Tripod incl. holder can be removed
- Auto Power Off function (can be deactivated)

- Hold function (freezes weight indication) 
- PEAK / MAX weighing function
- Summing function 
- Piece counting function
- Animal weighing function
- Limit value weighing function MIN / OK / MAX
- Container weighing function 
- Filter function

Technical specifications of the platform scales PCE-EP P series
Measuring range  
PCE-EP 30P max. 1 = 15 kg / max.2 = 30 kg
PCE-EP 150P max. 1 = 60 kg / max. 2 = 150 kg
PCE-EP 30P up to 15 kg = 2 g, above 15 kg up to 30 kg = 5 g
PCE-EP 150P up to 60 kg = 10 g, above 60 kg up to 150 kg = 20 g
Accuracy ± 3 d (3 x the resolution)
Platfrom size  
PCE-EP P1series  400 x 500 mm
PCE-EP P2series  500 x 600 mm
Tare function multiple tare function of full weighing range
Interface RS-232 bi-directional /D-SUB 9 female
  optional: analogue output 4-20 mA 1/1000 + 4 potential free outputs LO / OK / HI / stable adjustment as input ot continuous signal possible
Display LCD with digit height 25 mm
Units of  measurement kg / lb
  and freely adjustable weighing units such as kg/m
cable length to display approx. 160 cm / with plug
Power supply 6 V / 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery or 9 V / 1.2 A
  mains adaptor (incl.)
Protection class IP 54
Operating temperature 0 ...+40° C / 10 ... 80 % r.h.
PCE-EP P1 series approx. 13 kg
PCE-EP P2 series approx. 15 kg
IP54 display unit of platform scales with backlight LCD Rear view of display of the platform scales PCE-EP series with RS-232 interface.
To enlarge technical drawing of the platform scale PCE-EP P1 with a platform size of 400 x 500 mm, please click on the technical drawing. To enlarge technical drawing of the platform scale PCE-EP P2 with a platform size of 500 x 600 mm, please click on the technical drawing.
Delivery content of the platform scales PCE-EP P series
1 x platform scales, display incl. rechargeable battery, tripod incl. holder, mains adaptor and instruction manual.
Typical application of the platform scales PCE-EP P series
The platform scales of the PCE-EP P series offers the possibility to enter an individually definable unit of measurement, in addition to the conversion factor related to a kg and the platform scales will show the conversion in the display. The user in the picture on the right has entered the cable length as conversion factor and can now determine the cable lengths by means of the platform scales. For stocktaking activities, the platform scales of the PCE-EP P series are particularly useful as the platform scales also have a piece counting function. However, in comparison to the individually definable unit of measurement, no decimal place can be shown when the piece counting function is used. Platform scales PCE-EP P series by length determination of cables
The platform scales of the PCE-EP P series offers the possibility to separate the tripod including the holder from the platform. This means that the platform scales can also be used as a table-top scales. For the dosing procedure illustrated on the right, the platform scales can carry out multiple taring comprising the full weighing range. This gives the user the possibility to tare the individual ingredients. For particularly sensitive ingerdients, the platform scale soffer adjustable filters which change the reaction of the scales and can thus also indicate smaller weight increases in the display. Platform scales of the PCE-EP P series without tripod while dosing
Optional accesories  
Software Procell  
The multilanguage PC software can simulate key entries and transfer the data of the platform scales, e.g. directly in Excel. You also have the possibility to save data in the backgroung as a TXT file (data cable not included in delivery)
Item no. PCE-SOFT-Procell
pc software for platform scales PCE-EP P series
USB converter  
The USB converter enables a direct connection of the platform scales through the RS-232 interface to an USB interface of the PC. The cable length of the converter is approx. 170 cm 
Item no. RS232-USB
USB converter for platform scales PCE-EP P series
USB storage adaptor  
If no PC or printer is connected to the verifiable platform scales, the weighing data can be saved to a pen drive as a TXT file, along with time and date. Connection is enabled via the RS-232 interface and the adaptor requires an external source of power supply ( mains adaptor included)
Item no. PCE-USM 
USB storage adaptor for platform scales PCE-EP P series
ISO calibration / certificate  
For companies who want to include the platform scales to their internal pool of test equipment. The work regarding the factory calibration certificate is carried out at the internal test laboratory and is a target / actual comparsion.
Item no. CAL-TS-150
calibration certificate for platform scales PCE-EP P series
Switched outputs  
A 4-20 mA analogue output and 4 potential-free contacts are integrated in teh platform scales. When the platform scales indicate 0 kg, the analogue output supplies 4 mA and in case of the maximum load of the platform scales, it supplies 20 mA. Resolution 1/1000 100-350 Ω. The potential-free contacts are controlled by the set limit values. 5A 30 VDC and 5A 250 VAC. If interfaces are built into the platform scales, power supply by rechargeable batteries is not possible.
Item no. EP-4-20-PFC
optional analogue output 4-20 mA for platform scales PCE-EP P series

optional potential free contact for platform scales PCE-EP P series
Large display  
If the front size of the PCE-EP P platform scales is not sufficiently bif, a large display can be connected via RS-232 interface on the back of the display. The cable length between that platform scales and the large display is approx. 10 m. The red LED digits have a height of 125 mm.
Item no. PCE-TP05-W

large display with 125mm digits height for platform scales PCE-EP P series

Thermal label printer  
To print the results from the platform scales on stickers, along with time and date. Label size approx. 57 x 32 mm (1 roll incl.)
Item no. PCE-EP 1
Thermal label printer for platform scales PCE-EP P series
Continuous paper thermal printer  
To print results from the platform scales directly on continuous paper, along with time and date. The printer comes with RS-232 printer cable and mains adaptor, paper width 112 mm. (1 roll incl.)
Item no. PCE-BP1
Continuius-paper label printer for platform scales PCE-EP P series

                               technical specifications for the platform balance pce-ts

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