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Isolation Analyser METRISO C
(On batteries operating isolation analyser metriso c with test voltages (up to 1000 V) and a measuring range up to 99.9 GOhm for isolation checking especially on floors and walls)

The isolation analyser metriso c is customized for measurement of electrical equipment, but especially to check the isolation of floorings and walls. The measurement value is directly shown at the isolation analyzer metriso c. The LCD-Display consists of a dot matrix with background lights, which displays the menu, the adjustment facilities, measuring data as well as a help text. The operation language is eligible. The isolation analyser metriso c is easily to handle. A multifunctional key allows a one-hand operation for menu selection and triggering of measurement. The basic- and sub-functions are eligible due to four soft keys. Five different batteries of the isolation analyser metriso c symbols from empty to fully charged clarify he current battery status in the main menu. The analyzer automatically shuts down in case of dead battery. A Charge controlling switch is integrated to monitor the charge of NiMH or NiCd batteries. In case of self-check, test- images can be selected consecutively. Display-LEDs and relays can be tested. The coating with soft plastic protects the isolation analyzer from damage in case of impact or drop. Here you can see all isolation analysers. If you have further questions concerning the isolation analyser, take a look at the following technical data or call our hotline: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers +1-410-387-7703. Our technicians and engineers will be pleased to inform you concerning the isolation analyser or any other product in terms of regulation and control or scales and balances of PCE Instruments

User manual for the Isolation Analyser METRISO C  EC certificate for the Isolation Analyser METRISO C  Video for the Isolation Analyser METRISO C  Isolation Analyser METRISO C: Software.  Technical specifications for the Isolation Analyser METRISO C  Information for the Isolation Analyser METRISO C

Isolation Analyser METRISCO C

- Quick-check of peak value through signal lamp
- Automatic operational range for isolation
  resistance measurement throughout the full
  measuring extent for quick exploitation of
  measuring data
- Automatic pole reversal of direction of electric
  current in order to detect external voltage
- Comfortable protocol software, extendable to
  broad data base

- Hold function: the measuring value is preserved
  on the display even after releasing the test key
- Storage of measuring data with attribution of
  current circuit, contributor, and objects due to
  alpha numeric entry
- Data interface for transfer of measuring data and
  for software- update

Technical Data of the Isolation Analyser Metriso C


Display range

000 kΩ ... 99.9 GΩ

Test electricity

1 mA

Measuring ranges

± 0.8 ° C or ± 0.8%, whichever is greater

Probe   1

20 kΩ ... 10.0 GΩ
0.20 MΩ ... 10.0 GΩ
> 10.0 GΩ ... 99.9 GΩ

Nominal value/ impedance (based on measuring
ranges 1, 2 and 3)

LN = 100 V
LN = 250/ 500/ 1000 V
LN = 100/ 250/ 500/ 1000 V

Intrinsic error (based on measuring ranges
1, 2   and 3)

±(5 % from measuring value + 3 D)
±(5 % from measuring value + 3 D)
±(7 % from measuring value + 3 D)

Operational deviation (based on measuring
ranges 1, 2 and 3)

±(7 % from measuring range + 3 D)
±(7 % from measuring range + 3 D)
±(10 % from measuring range + 3 D)


Display range

000 V ... 1.20 kV

Measuring range

50...1.00 kV

Nominal value/ impedance

5 MΩ

Intrinsic error

± (2.5 % from measuring value + 3 D)

Operation deviation

± (5 % from measuring value + 3 D)

U ~

Display range

00.0 V ... 500 V

Measuring range

10 ... 500 V

Nominal value/ impedance

5 MΩ

Intrinsic error

± (2,5 % from measuring value + 3 D)

Operation deviation

± (5 % from measuring value + 3 D)


Display range

15.0 ... 400 Hz

Measuring range

45 ... 200 Hz

Nominal value/ impedance

5 MΩ

Intrinsic error

± (0,5 % from measuring value + 3 D)

Operation deviation

± (1.0 % from measuring value + 3 D)


Display range 

0.00 ... 9.99 Ω
> 10.0 ... 99.9 Ω 

Measuring range 

0.15 ... 10 Ω
> 10 ... 100 Ω

Checking Voltage

IN = 200 mA

Nominal value/ impedance

U0 = 4.5 V

Intrinsic error 

±(2.5 % from basic value+ 3 D)
±(8.0 % from basic value+ 3 D)

Operating deviation 

±(5.0 % from basic value + 3 D)
±(10.0 % from basic value + 3 D)


Display range

0.00 ... 9.99 mA

Measuring range

0.1 ... 10 mA AC

Nominal value/ impedance

2 kΩ

Intrinsic error

± (5.0 % from basic value + 3 D)

Operating deviation

± (6.0 % from basic value + 3 D)


Display range

–10.0 ... +50.0 °C

Measuring range

0 ... +40 °C

Intrinsic error

± 2 °C

F rot

Display range

10.0…90.0 %

Measuring range

20.0…80.0 %

Intrinsic error

± 5 %

Phase Testing

Display range

LED PE > 100 V

Measuring range

100…500 V

Nominal value/ impedance

> 100 MΩ / 50 Hz

General Characteristics

Overload capacity 

RLO and IB (Electronic protection that prohibits switch-on in case of external voltage)
U~ (500 V~ constantly)

Surrounding temperature

+23 °C ±2 K

Relative humidity

40 ... 60 %

Power supply

4 x 1.5 V- round cell ( 4 x c-size) (alkaline manganese according to IEC LR14) or 4 x NiCd- batteries

Battery test

via symbolic display

Battery economizing circuit

The display lightening is detachable. The analyser detaches automatically 10…60 seconds after last key press. The starting time can be chosen by operator

Security switch-off

The device switches off at too low voltage supply and cannot switched on again

Charging socket

Inserted batteries can be charged directly by connecting the adapter to the charging socket.


Multiple display via dot matrix 128 x 64 dots (65 mm x 38 mm), lit up


Infrared- interface (SIR/IrDa) bidirectional, semi duplex, 9600 baud, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no parity, no handshake


For data transfer and for communication with isolation analyser, test protocol generated on PC, can be printed and archived (In delivery content)


275 mm x 140 mm x 65 mm


Approx. 1.2 kg with battery

Approx. 1.2 kg with battery

Enclosure IP 52 according to DIN VDE 0470 part 1/EN 60529


IEC 1010-1:1990, IEC 1010-1/A2:1995, EN 61010-1:1993, EN 61010-1/A2:1995, VDE 0411 part 1, 1994-03, Protection class II, pollution degree 2, isolation measuring –1000 V DC – no excess voltage, voltage measurement – 500 V – CAT II, emitted interference EN 61326:2002 class B, immunity to interference, EN 61326:2002, EN 61000-4-2: 1995/A1: 1998, figure of merit A, EN 61000-4-3: 1995/A1: 1998 figure of merit B

Information about Initial and Repeat Test in Power Plants

- Isolation measuring in dead-voltage mode

- Isolation measuring performed only in ranges, which apply to measuring voltage, which means to switch on everything and to measure before and behind switches or bridge every opened contact before measurement and then measure at the feeding

- In case the measuring circuit contains capacitive consumers, discharge after measuring.

- You decide on site, which measuring method should be selected. Short-circuit L + N is often more extensive than single measuring. Those allow conclusions regarding the isolation of the different conductors and by that allow comparisons! Above all a separate measurement of the strands against PE or within is an effective method of precautious fire prevention. RCDs cannot recognize isolation errors between active conductors

- In case of repeat tests always measure L+N against PE (protection of electronic operation devices). Unipolar switched operation devices will be also tested in TN-S/TT/IT systems, without starting them

- During measuring in TN-systems open N-PE bridge, in TT-system disconnect neutral conductor

- During measurement in constructions with voltage arrestors (varistor basis requirement class B or C) those are to be isolated earth-facing. For device protection, e.g. sockets (requirement class D) this procedure is not required. 

- Measuring voltage of 250 V is permitted

- Common values - at initial tests without connected devices > 100 MΩ (see therefor DIN VDE                               0100 part 610)
                           - At repeating test with connected devices ~ 300 kΩ

Knowledge on Resistance of Isolating Floorings and Walls

Knowledge on resistance of isolating floorings and walls
If the compliance with standards according to DIN VDE 0100, part 410/1.97 and in non-conductive rooms is required, at least 3 measurements per location have to be performed. In case of tangible conductive parts in the room, at least one measurement has to be performed in a distance of 1 m from these parts. Measuring methods please review DIN VDE 0100, part 610, attachment A.

Limiting Values

In attachments up to 500 V ≥ 50 kΩ, over 500 V ≥100 kΩ

Important Notice

- In all cases a measuring sensor is necessary (as equipment additional available).

- Please consider DIN EN 1081 - elastic flooring, determination of electric resistance, edition 4/1998 - explosion risk, medically used rooms or the like

Delivery Content

1 x Isolation meter METRISO C, 1 x shoulder strap, 1 set of batteries, 1 pair measuring lines, 1 x PC program WinProfi, 1 x instruction manual


- The floor sensor allows measuring the resistance of isolated floorings according to DIN VDE 0100 part 610 and EN 1081 with the isolation meter metriso c

Floor Sensor for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Interface adapter: Connects meter to PC (IrDA- RS232), besides automatically delivered software for data exchange

Interface Adapter for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Hard-top case: for storage of isolation analyser, measuring lines, batteries, shoulder strap, software, data cable and instruction manual. Equipped with all that, you will always remain mobile

Hard-Top Case for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Telescope bar for PE- measuring

Telescope Bar for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Metal drum with 50 m measuring line

Metal Drum for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Coiler with 25 m measuring line: Thus the measuring line will always be coiled neatly and is immediately ready for the next measurement operation (creates order and avoids damage)

Coiler for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Cable Set for measuring devices: Thus you will be prepared for all measurement tasks. The measurement tips and clamps included in the cable set allow an adaption to nearly every measuring point

Cable Set for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Recharging adapter for batteries of measuring devices: if you would like to run the device by rechargeable batteries you will need the adapter for recharge

Recharging Adapter for batteries of measuring devices for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- Temperature- and humidity- measuring adapter: If you connect the adapter shown in the image to the isolation analyser, you can also collect the surrounding humidity

Temperature- and Humidity- Measuring Adapter for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- USB-interface adapter to connect the device to a PC or laptop (simply connect the adapter with the flat-pin plug to the PC and with the opposite side to the RS-232 interface)

USB-Interface adapter for the Isolation Analyser Metriso C

- 4 NiCd round cell R14

Further information about the Isolation Analyser Metriso C return to homepage.

- Isolation Analyser PCE-IT55
  (digital, sturdy, maximum 2000 MΩ (test voltages 250, 500, 1000 V)

Isolation Analyser PCE-IT55

- Isolation Analyser PCE-IT413-Serie
  (gauge for pros, for passage and isolation of high voltage (10 kV)

Isolation Analyser PCE-IT413-Serie

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