Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO)  
mechanical durometer for measuring the hardness of soft elastic and textiles

The PCE-OO durometer is a standard device for measuring soft elastic and textiles (Shore OO). The durometer is composed of a measuring device with a sensor and 360° anti-glare dial with readings to within 0.5 hardness units. It meets the ASTM D 2240 standard. The durometer comes calibrated with an ISO calibration certificate included. The device can be recalibrated by a laboratory at anytime with an ISO certificate at an additional cost. As an optional component for the PCE-OO we offer a test position and test control equipment to check the accuracy of the durometer while on the job. You will always obtain accurate results with a high rate of repeatability when using this device either for random testing with the test position or for control tests. At the following link you will find an explanation of the process for measuring hardness. You will also see a classification of the different grades of hardness if you click here. This link shows a general overview of our durometers for a wide range of materials (metals, plastics, rubber, elastic, textiles).

User manual for the Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO).  EC certificate for the Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO).  Video for the Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO) .  Technical specifications for the Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO).  Information for the Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO).

PCE-OO Durometer for measuring the hardness of soft elastic and textiles.
Durometer - PCE-OO (Shore OO)

  - Complies with ASTM
  - Models with or without pulling needle
  - Large dial

  - 360° dial
  - Highly accurate
  - Ergonomic design

Technical specifications

Force of pressure


Penetrating body

3 / 32"


ASTM D 2240

Diameter of dial


Total length


Display range

0 to 100

Measurement range

10 to 90

Margin of error


Division of scale


Pulling pin

depending on the model ordered



1 x Durometer - PCE-OO (
Shore OO), 1 x case, 1 x calibration certificate and user's manual

- Test position

The test position of the PCE-OS-2-OO durometer has been designed to test in series in order to obtain the most accurate results. Errors produced by subjective measurements affected by an erroneous force of measurement or by a non-vertical measurement can be excluded.

The test is done on a test table and the durometer goes down with a constant test force - with the help of a lever. The result is shown on the durometer itself. The device is made of aluminum. It can be adjusted to measure components of different makes.

                      PCE-OO (Shore OO) Durometer: test position

- Load weight for the test position (275g, stainless steel, DIN 53505)

- 20 Shore adjustable disk, to adjust the parallel plain of the durometer position

- Dust protector

- Calibration certificate

The PCE-OO durometer comes calibrated from the factory and includes an ISO calibration certificate.

Over time and with general use of the device, deviations in results can be produced. We can perform a laboratory recalibration as well as an ISO certification anytime. You can find more information about certifications at the FMPA.

PCE-OO (Shore OO) Durometer: calibration certificate

Technical specifications for the PCE-OO (Shore OO) Durometer. return to homepage
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