Gas Meter Gasman N
unique gas meter for the personal protection
with datalogger, software and data cable

ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 / ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4 (EEx ia (d) IIC T3/T4)

This gas meter is used for applications in which a protection against a specific (inflammable or toxic) gas is required. The gas meter Gasman is a unique gas meter which warns with the tone of a penetrating alarm and an optical signal (useful in case there are strong noises in the surrounding environment) the existence of dangerous gas concentrations and it shows on the screen the value of the gas measurement. In addition with this gas meter you will be able to save the measurement, transmit them and value them on the computer. For that, it is necessary to count the additional option of datalogger and optional software. The function of logger will allow you to keep all the values in the meter with a quota of measurement from 1 minute to a grand total of 900 hours. The data saved in the apparatus can later be transferred to the compute for further analysis. The meter can be calibrated and certified according to DIN ISO. In addition it has been verified according to the most recent directives (94/9/EG and disposition on the protection against explosions (ExVo). Besides, two recalibrations a year can be made. You choose the sensor (according to the type of gas) which the apparatus must be equipped. You will be able to choose between 12 standard sensors, but you can also request other types of special sensors.
In addition to the traditional uses of the gas meters such as in industries, institutions and investigation, this gas meter is an economic alternative to be used by the fire brigades (with excellent sensor for inflammable gases).
The gas meter meets all the European and international norms, even ATEX.
Another special use is the measurement of the ozone concentration. For that reason this small gas meter can be complemented with an ozone sensor. The optional function of datalogger is also recommended. If you have any questions about the gas meter, see the technical data below or you can call us: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers +1-410-387-7703. Our technicians and engineers will be happy to advise you on this gas meter and on any product of regulation and control systems, measuring instruments or the scales and balances.

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The professinal Gas Meter Gasman N used in situ.

- Free set up level alarm, vibratory alarm,            LED-alarm, beeper

- Comfortable to be carried all day long

- Internal security makes possible to take it on 

- OK sound

- Robust housing

- Dust and water resistant IP 65/67

- LCD with backlight

- It can only be disconnected pressing two 
  keys simultaneously

- Internal calibration by means of the                  keyboard in the frontal part of the meter

- Data logger function

- Optional software compatible with Windows to set up the meter in a fast and easy way to 
  read the internal memory

- The connection to the PC takes place by 
  means of the cable of the interface

The gas meter Gasman N has a vibratory module that warns even in very noisy atmospheres by means of vibrations.

If the gas meter is equipped with the function of datalogger and you wish to transmit to a PC the saved values in the meter, you will need the combined charging station (charging station and Inter face simultaneously).
                    The Gas Meter Gasman N in the optional charging station.

                  Suction pump equipmentof the Gas Meter Gasman N.           

The suction pump to suction gases can be acquired optionally. This equipment is used when it is necessary to determine gases in zones of very difficult access.

Attention: the aspiration of chlorine, of nitrogen dioxide and ozone is not allowed in difficult access zones.

Technical specifications (12 gases choice) 
Typical measurement ranges and alarm adjustments
Parameter/Gas Symbol   Range Alarm
Inflammable gas CH4 0 ... 100 % LEL 20 % LEL
Oxygen O2 0 ... 25 % v/v 19 % and 23 % v/v
Hydrogen sulphide H2S 0 ... 100 ppm 5 ppm
Carbon dioxide CO2  0 ... 5 % v/v 0.5 and 1.5 % v/v
Carbon monoxide CO 0 ... 500 ppm 30 ppm
Sulphur dioxide SO2 0 ... 20 ppm 1 ppm
Chlorine * CL2 0 ... 5 ppm 0.5 ppm
Nitrogen dioxide* NO2 0 ... 10 ppm 1 ppm
Phosphine PH3 0 ... 5 ppm 0.5 ppm
Ammonia NH3 0 ... 100 ppm 25 ppm
Hydrogene H2 0 ... 1000 ppm 100 ppm
Ozone O3 0 ... 1 ppm 0.1 ppm
  *   With chlorine and dioxide of nitrogen the suction pump cannot be used to suction the air in the gas measurer Gasman II.

(sensors are exchangeable)

Response time (T90)



20 s

5 years

Toxic gases

20 s

3 years


10 s

minimum 1 year

Acoustic alarms

- 85 dB (a) to 1 m distance (adjustable tone)
- tone of regular control that can be disconnected
- prolonged tone in case of low battery in
the gas meter.

Optical alarm

- very clear and flashing LED
- Type of alarm Indicator
- Green LED  with low frequency flashing as operating indicator 

Vibration alarm

- the meter vibrates additionally as a complement to the optical and acoustic alarms

Autozero function

- in order to adapt the meter to different environmental conditions of measurement (always activate the clean air function)


- LCD with backlight
- 10 mm lines to indicate the gas value
- Symbols for: Max Hold, Batt Low, calibration
ground zero, alarm 1 and 2, 15 min and 8 h TWA alarm

Measurement values memory

Adjustable memory intervals, max. capacity of 900 hrs prolonged with measurement quota of 1 min (it depends on the gas concentration)

Power supply 

Toxic gases and oxygen

- interchangeable lithium battery
- 1 year in normal use conditions

in order to load the charging station is necessary.

- 2 cells of hidruro of nickel
(reloadable), 8… 10 hours of operative duration.

Environmental conditions

-20 ... +55 °C/0 ... 99 % R.H. non condensed


IP 65/67


90 x 48 x 24 mm 


max. 130 g (battery included)


EN 50014, EN 50020, EN 50018, EN 55022;
clas B, EN 50081-2, Ex 95C2348X, Ex 65C2349, Ex 95Y1350, IEC 801-3, EN 50082-2, IEC 61508, EN 61779, EN 50721


EEx ia (d) IIC T3 or T4
ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 (-20 ... +55 °C)
(Toxic gases and oxygen)
ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4 (inflammable gases)

PC interface

You can request the optional software to set up, to calibrate and adjust the limits of the alarm and the function of datalogger (optional too) to read the values saved in the gas meter. This software represents the data in form of graphs or tables. It is possible to export them to other programs.

Please pay attention:
The combined charging station serves as interface for the data transmission, that is the station which is used to load the storage cells of the gas meter for “inflammable gases” + “oxygen” and of interface for the PC for the rest of the models.

Maintenance and recalibration

You can send us the gas meter to make the maintenance and the recalibration taking into account the indications of the ISO manual of your company (for example twice a year).
The gas meter can be  dismounted, cleaned and  recalibrated. If a sensor no longer can be calibrated or its period of validity has already expired, you will receive the corresponding information. The spare sensors will be found on our online shop.

Delivery content:



1 x Gas meter Gasman N (please choose required Gas), 1 x mounting clips, 1 x Battery or Accumulator (depending on the Gas), 1 x User manual

- Spare gas sensor for this meter upon request
- Car accumulator (12 V, especially useful for fire brigades)
- Two annual revisions and calibration* (or according to your needs/factory calibration certificate        included)

- Software (to program and calibrate the meter)

-RS-232 Interface cable/USB Adapter
Attention: if you wish to use the previous software and the interface cable, this interface is necessary. Read the following section.

Software for the Gas Meter Gasman N.

- Interface
The interface has two functions: 
1. It is essential for the transmission of data to the PC (in combination with the software and the cable of data).

2. It serves simultaneously like a charger for the internal accumulator. If you have chosen the meter without accumulator, that is with batteries and you wish to make the data transmission, you will need the station interface. The loading function is deactivated then in an automatic way.

Charger with data interface for the Gas Meter Gasman N.

- Suction pump 
This equipment of hand pump is used if it is necessary to determine gases in zones of very difficult access or if by the conditions of the place the measurement cannot be purged of gas as it usually  happens before leaving a mine to exclude personal risks. The gas meter along with the suction pump equipment and the CO sensor can be used to locate people. Attention: the sensors for chlorine, ozone and nitrogen dioxide cannot be used in combination with the equipment.

Suction pump equipmentfor the Gas Meter Gasman N.

* Calibration / Recalibration
Sensor for inflammable gases:
A gas meter that is used to detect 0 - 100% LEL is calibrated almost always over methane. The rest of inflammable gases follow this pattern. Actually this procedure is valid for 99% of the applications. The correspondence with the rest of inflammable gases or the detection has therefore a minimum imprecision. If you wish to have you gas meter calibrated with respect to another determined gas, let us know while making your order. Let us know also if you wish to make a recalibration.

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