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Precision Scale PCE-LS Series (Legal For Trade / Class II)
Weight range from 0 up to 500 g or 3000 g / resolution of 0.001 g or 0.01 g /
LCD graphic display / internal, external calibration / RS-232-interface and optional software 

There are two models (LS-500 and LS-3000) of verifiable precision scale. The backlit, high contrast graphic display of this precision scale leads the user safely through the process; lengthy instructions and operator errors are things of the past. All LS models can be calibrated/adjusted automatically by the touch of a key, by a preset time, or triggered by temperature changes. Without the need to handle expensive external weights, these functions support integration in quality management systems. The large weighing platform of the scale can be installed for weighing larger objects. The integrated RS-232 interface enables you (by using the optional software-kit) to automatically send the weighing data to PC. LS Series of precision scales have been designed to meet the needs of laboratories, schools, universities, industry and commercial users, without the high cost implications usually found with this type of scale. This link shows an overview of the scales and balances which will meet your requirements.

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Verifiable professional grade.Precision Scale PCE-LS series

In the upper image there is PCE-LS 500 series analytical scale with a round weighing pan with 120 mm diameter.  The lower image shows PCE-LS 300 series analytical scale with a square weighing pan (165 x165 mm). Both weighing pans are made of stainless steel and can be used for different laboratory purposes, production and research.


 - Internal calibration (with internal weight)

 - External calibration (if the scale is not verified)

 - Parts counting function

 - Full tare range

 - Date and time/User Identification

 - Graphic LCD with backlit/Capacity tracker

 - Multilingual display (English, French, etc.)

 - RS-232 bi-directional interface

 - Verifiable ("Legal for trade") Class II 

 - ISO Calibration certificate (Option)

 - Software-Kit (Option)

 - Density Determination Kit, Printer (Option)

Characteristics of the scales.


Precision Scale PCE-LS series: External calibration with optional calibration weights (only if the scale is not verified).    Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Internal calibration (at temperature changes or by time interval).    Precision Scale PCE-LS series: PCS counting with references (user defined).    Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Full tare.  
Precision Scale PCE-LS series: measuring units.    Precision Scale PCE-LS series: RS-232-Interface for direct data output to PC or Portable.    Precision Scale PCE-LS series: 230 V/12 V Power Adaptor.

View or Print 

           Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Instruction manual.                           Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Data sheet.     
 Instruction manual          Data sheet

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: LS Series (graphic display with capacity tracker).

Apart from the digital reading of the weighing data and the large graphic LCD display, this analytical scale comes with a range strip  (0 ...100 %) to check the range directly. Besides, you can adjust both the intensity and the back light through the keypad. The upper image shows the display of the analytical scale with the back light off.

A verified analytical scale is recommended for preparing medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. So, it is important to bear in mind the scale usage scope. If you wish, a calibration can be carried out by PCE Instruments.
An official verification is required when the analytical scale is used for:
 a) Trade relations when the price of the product is determined by its weight.
 b) Preparation of medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical  laboratories.
 c) Determination of rates, tariffs and official fines as well as for official  and objective surveys in judgements.
 d) Manufacturing of packages.
Every analytical scale is checked by the official authorized centre to provide it with a verification certificate. Besides, precision is determined within the permitted tolerance framework. EU Verification is valid for all the countries of the EU (European Union).

Technical specifications

   Scale models

PCE-LS 500 PCE-LS 3000

   Maximum capacity [max]

500 g

3000 g

Readability                [d]

0.001 g

0.01 g

Verification value      [e]

0.01 g

0.1 g


0.0015 g

0.015 g


± 0.002 g

± 0.03 g

Stabilization time

< 5 s

Minimum parts weight at pcs counting

0.006 g/pcs

0.06 g/pcs

   Tare range


Vibration dampening

Function which allows vibration dampening settings

RS-232 bi-directional interface


As an option

Graphic display with backlit (multilingual)<br >and capacity tracker


- Automatic calibration with internal calibration weight
(each 2 h or at temperature change)<br > External calibration with optional weights (only if the scale is not verified)

   Pan size

Diameter 120 mm

165 x 165 mm

   Operating Temperature

+18 ... +33 °C

   Power supply

230V/50 Hz (via 12 V Net adaptor)


die cast aluminium


IP 54

   Overall dimensions

210 x 320 x 90 mm

Net weight

5 kg


Legal for Trade Class II scale/CE

Calibration of the Counting scale

Calibration: To meet UE 90/384/EWG standards, all counting scales must be officially calibrated if they are used for:
 a) Trade relations when the price of the product is determined by its weight.
 b) Preparation of medicines in pharmacies as well as for the analysis in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
 c) Determination of rates, tariffs and official fines as well as for official and objective surveys in judgments.
 d) Manufacturing of packages.

Every scale can be checked by the official authorized centre to provide it with a calibration certificate. Besides, precision is determined within the permitted tolerance framework. EU calibration is valid for all the countries of the EU (European Union).

Scale calibration with CAL adjusting program: The adjusting program is marked with an official mark once calibration has been carried out. Calibration will be valid for the given location. So, it is necessary to provide the postal code. Calibration can be performed in the company or in situ depending on the scale.

Calibration of a scale with adjustment of automatic change: There are not any location limitations of the scale due to the fact that the automatic adjustment can be used after a calibration has been done, i.e. it is not sealed. In this case, calibration will not depend on location.

Calibration value: range of calibration tolerance which is between 1 and 10 d.

Delivery includes
1 x Precision Scale (Model PCE-LS 500 or PCE-LS 3000), 1 x Net adaptor, User manual (in required language: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, etc)

ISO Calibration (ISO-PCE-BS)
The calibration procedure includes laboratory calibration process and ISO certification. The customer's name and address are included. These certificates are comparable to NIST and UKAS certificates. They are accepted all over the world.

ISO Calibration Certificate for the Precision Scale PCE-LS series

Software-Kit (PCE-SOFT-LS)
The kit includes a software for transferring the  weighing data to a PC or Portable and RS-232-cable. The transferred data can also be sent to other software such as Excel, etc. The standard software is in English (other languages are available: French, German, etc).

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Software-Kit for data input to PC.

RS-232-USB Adaptor (RS232-USB)
In case your PC or Portable uses USB Interface, you can use the adaptor in connection with the standard RS - 232 Cable. Software (covering the actual drivers) is included.

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: USB-Adaptor (for use with portable PC).

Printer (PCE-BP)
The printer is used for direct output of weighing data. It will be delivered with RS-232 cable, USB cable, net adaptor and 1 roll of paper.

 - paper width 112 mm

 - thermal paper

 - 230 V/12 V Adaptor

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Printer.

Density Determination Kit (PCE-AB-DB)
Density determination is performed by means of Archimedes principle (buoyancy method), which is also the method used by the density determination kit for balances. This method allows determination of the density of solids, viscous and pasty substances, as well as liquids.

Precision Scale PCE-LS series: Density determination kit.

technical specifications for the Precision Scale PCE-LS series

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