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Weighing Scales
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Combustion Analysers | PCE Instruments
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Ozone Generators
PCE-PI 1 phase rotation meter
Photovoltaic Meters | PCE Instruments
pat tester | PCE Instruments
Photometers (Multi-function)
Pitot Tube Pressure Meters
Laser power meters
Power Suppliers | PCE Instruments
Roughness testers
Roughness testers
Precaution Meters
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Signal Converters
Photometers (Monofunction)
Telemaintenance Modules
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insulation testers
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Tightness Testers for Textiles
Time Clocks
Torque Meters
Transport Data Loggers
Viscometers | PCE Instruments
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Wood Moisture Meters | PCE Instruments
PCE-VE 310 borescope
Air Flow Meter PCE-007
ph-Meter PCE-228
Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Meter PCE-GA 70
Thermal Camera PCE-TC 31
PCE-888 pyrometer
PCE-Oe refractometer
Clamp Meter PCE-DC 4 | PCE Instruments
LAN Tester PCE-180 CB
Humidity detector PCE-G1
Analytical Balances
Approved scales
Baby Scales
Balances for Pharmacies
Basis Weight Balances
Bench Scales
Bench Counting Scales
Carat Balances
Motorcar Scales
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Construction Kits for Scales
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Moisture analysers
Moisture Balances (PCE-UK)
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Portioning Scales
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Sample Cutter MPC-3
Recording Scales
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System Scales
Tank Scales
Trade Approved Scales
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Scales for People
Scales with Counter
Calibration Certificate for the Scales and Balances
Dosing Scales
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Protection Class Overview
Inventory Scales
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Scales for Carat
Display systems
Digital Indicators
Logic modules
Regulators control systems
Measuring Sensors
Instrument transformers
Distillation Technology
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Experimental Technology
Filtering Technology
Instrumental Analytics
Laboratory Instruments
Laboratory Machines
Laboratory Requirements
Mixing Technique
Optical Instruments
Refrigeration Engineering
Separation Technology
Sterile Technology
Stirring Technology
Teaching and Learning Materials
Vibration Technique
Microscope PCE-BM 200
Accurate Scale PCE-BT series
Accurate Balances
coating thickness meter PCE-CT 28
Robust Crane Balance PCE-CS HD series
PCE-DC4 Clamp meter
Optical Distance Meter PCE-LRF 600
Moisture Analyser PCE-MB C
PCE-MB-100 balance for moisture content
PCE-ET 3000 series electric earth resistance meter
Compact Design Scale PCE-BSH 6000
Kitchen Balances
Electronic Stethoscope PCE-S 41
Laboratory PCE-LSM Series
Laboratory Balances
Balance PCE-BS Series
PCE-LD 1 Gas Detector for refrigerants
Platform Balance PCE-PS 75 XL
Multifunction Balances
Package Balances
Pallet Truck Balance (class III) PCE-TPWLKM
Pallet Balances
Pallet Scale PCE-PTS 1
Mobile Insulation Meter PCE-IT111
Tissue Balance PCE-LSZ 200C
High Resolution Paper Balance / Tissue Balance PCE-LSZ 200C
Floor Scale PCE-SW 1500
Floor Balances
Platform Balance PCE-PB Series
Platform Balances
PCE-JS 300 pocket scale
Pocket Balances
PCE-HS N Series
Hanging Balances
Stainless Steel Platform Balance PCE-PM SST Series
Postal Balances
Analitical Scale PCE-VXI Series
Analytical Balances
Balances for Transit
USB Microscope PCE-MM 200
Noise Meter PCE-999
Tabletop Balances
Power analyser PCE-360
EE 65 air flow transducer
Flow Transducer
PCE-830 power analyser
PAX-P digital indicator
PAX-T process indicator
PAR 99X-MA analog recorder
PCE-EM 29 radio frequency meter
SR12-MTDC Logic module
PCE-AT5 Rotation meter
IFMA signal converter
Professional Video Endoscope PCE-VE 3xxN
Temperature transducer
Temperature sensors
PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station with touch screen
Vibration transducers
Measurement of sound / noise
How to Measure Noises
Noise in the workplace
Online-Trade: Various Telescopic Meters and Staves for mechanical measurement of length and hight
PCE-WP21 moisture tester
Moisture Tester PCE-WP 24
Humidity Tester for Wood PCE-WMH3
Pocket-size Humidity Detector PCE-HGP
Simple Material Moisture Tester PCE-PMI 1
Absolute Humidity Meter PCE-W3
Humidity Detector PCE-WM 1
PCE-SMM 1 Humidity meter
Humidity sensor PCE-P18
Hay Humidity Meter PCE-HMM
Professional Moisture Device HM-BP1
Moisture Meter for Wood BLL-1
Moisture Meter FL-1
Meter FL-2
Functions Generators | PCE Instruments
Moisture Balances
Thermo Balances
PCE-VT 1000 Vibration Analyser
Acceleration-Speed-Displacement Vibration Meter PCE-VT 2700
Vibration Meter PCE-VM 31
Vibration Meter PCE-VT 2800
PCE-VT 204 Vibration Meter
PCE-VT 250 Stethoscope
Handheld Vibration Meter PCE-VT 3000
PCE-VD 3 Vibration Meter
Vibration Data Logger PCE-VM 5000
Shock Detector Vib Meter 320
Impact Meter Vib Meter 330
3 Axis Acceleration Data Logger PCE-VDL 24I
Data logger with three-axis PCE-VDL
PCE-VDL 16I Mini Data Logger
Oil Quality Meter PCE-LC 50
Interface and Software
PCE-DSA 50 sound level meter
CO2 Gauge PCE-AC 2000
Formaldehyde Data Logger PCE-FHM 10
CO2 Meter series CDL 210
Wall-Mount Air Quality Meter PCE-AC 3000
Leak Detector Metpoint LKD
Measuring Device for Formaldehyde HFX205
Gas Alerter Crowcon Clip +
Gas Meter Gasman N | PCE Instruments
Gas Detector Gas-Pro
Industrial Protector �GAZTOX
Explosives Detector GAZEX
Gas Monitor AQ 940s
Gasmaster Xgard
Stationary Gas Analyser Gaseeker
CO2 Transducer Cellar Safe
Gas transducers
Calibration and certification of anemometers
Wind velocities table
Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer PCE-THA 10
Anemometer AVM 3000
Flow-Meter P-770-M
Air Speed Meter PCE-VA 10
Wind Velocity Meter KM series
Flow Meter MiniAirJunior Schiltknecht
Multifunctional Anemometer MC20
PCE-423 anemometer with external thermal probe
Handheld Bluetooth Anemometer A1-SDI
PCE-009 Flow Meter
Wind Recorder - PCE-WL 1
Wind Sensor PCE-WL 2
Wind Direction Sensor PCE-FST-200-202
Wind Speed Sensor PCE-FST-200-201
Air Flow Meter (Cross Meter) X8 / X16
Air Flow Meter PCE-VR series
Measuring transducer METEODIGIT IV
PCE-VS Rotameter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter PCE-TDS 100H/HS
Electromagnetic Flow Meter PCE-VMI series
Conversion for units used by anemometers
Robust Air Velocity Meter PCE-008
PCE-424 air quality tester with separate thermal probe
PCE-RGB 2 colour meter
Colour Meter colorStriker
Colour Meter CIELab PCE-TCD 100
Portable Colorimeter PCE-CSM 7
Colour Device PCE-TCR 200
Whiteness Colour Meter PCE-WSB 1
Gas Leak Detector RLA 100
2 in 1 LAN Analyser/Multimeter PCE-LT 1
RJ45 LAN Tester LanMaster 26
Tester Pinger
Cable Length Meter CableTool
Network Certifier WireXpert
Thermometer PCE-222
Noise Meter PCE-EM 886
Sound level meter SoundEar�
Environment Noise Analyser PCE-EM 883
Noise Meter PCE-318
LEQ-Sound Level Meter SU 130
Accurate Digital Sound Meter CEL-244 Kit
Sound meter CEL-620
Acoustic Noise Dosimeter dBadge CEL-350
SLT sound meter
Sound meter series CR-800-C
Air Flowmeter P-770-M
Digital Thermal Anemometer - TA-410 & TA-430
Outdoor weather station 5xx-series
High-Pressure Flow sensor SS 20.60
Inline Air-Flow Sensor SS 30.30x
Universal Current Sensor SS 20.250
Differential Pressure Gauge PCE-P01/ P05
Robust Digital Manometer PCE-THB 38
Barometer PCE-THB 40
Analog Weather Station Beech
Analogue Hygrometer Domatic Beech Alu
Analog Weather Station Domatic Mahogany
Thermo Hygrometer Domatic Beech Anthracite Aluminium
Thermometer Domatic Slate
Baro Thermo Hygrometer Domatic Aluminium
Analogue Outdoor Thermo Baro Hygrometer Domatic Stainless Steel
Analogue Outdoor Barometer Thermometer Domatic Wrought Iron
Outdoor Weather Station Domatic
Outdoor Weather Station Stainless Steel
Weather Station Outdoor Stainless Steel Solar
Weather Station Opaque Glass
Weather Station Cosmo
Weather Station Sputnik
Professional Wireless Weather Station Smart
Wireless Weather Station Nexus
Professional Weather Centre Primus
DCF Radio Weather Station 4CastPC
PCE-FWS 20 Meteorological Station
Pressure Transducers
Differential Pressure Meter PCE-910
Pressure meter PCE-APM 30
Endoscope PCE-DE 25N
Industrial Endoscope PCE-VE 3xxN
Portable Industrial Endoscope PCE-RVE 30
Borescope PCE-VE 1000
Movable Endoscope PCE-VE 350N
uv endoscope c2
Small Video Endoscope PCE-VE 360N
Wireless Video Endoscope PCE-VE 500
Wi-Fi Endoscope PCE-DE 30
VIS 200 / 250 Endoscope
VIS 300 / 350 Endoscope
Flexible Endoscope PCE-DE 25
LCD Video Endoscope PCE-VE 310
PCE-DE 50 endoscope with LCD display
Cable detector PCE-191
PCE-123 calibrator
Mobile Multifunction calibrator PCE-789
Dummy load EVO eLoad
Calibrator ISO-Kalibrator 1
Professional Temperature Gauge CS Series
Internal Grooves Caliper PCE-DCP 150I
Digital Caliper PCE-DCP 300N
Depth Caliper PCE-DCP 150S
Caliper PCE-DCP 1000
Thermal Camera PCE-TC 9
Thermal Camera PCE-PI160
Infrared Camera PCE-PI400 / PI 450
Thermal Camera PCE-PI-200 / PI-230
Fixed Infrared Camera Pyroview 160 L
Professional Infrared Camera Pyroview 380 L compact
Firefighters Infrared Camera F2-T
Thermal camera PCE-TC 2
Thermal Imager PCE-TC 3D
Building Restoration Thermal Camera PCE-TC 4
Wide Angel Thermal Camera PCE-TC 6
PCE-IC1 temperature calibrator
Temperature units
Coating Analyzer PCE-CT 27
Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 30
Coating Thickness Tester PCE-CT 65
Coating Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 26
Coating Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 27
PCE-TG 50 thickness gauge
Material Thickness Gauge PCE-TG100
PCE-TLSM laser micrometer
High-Temperature Thickness Gauge PCE-TG110
Thickness Gauge PCE-TG120
PCE-TG 200 Thickness Gauge
Material Thickness Gauge PCE-TG 250
Powder-Coating Thickness Meter PT-PC
Coating thickness gauge PT-200
PCE-DC2 clamp meter
Current detector PCE-DC 3
PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter
digital clamp-on meter F3N
Clamp Meter F01
DC Clamp Tester F05
AC Clamp Meter F07
Leakage Current Clamp F62
Leakage Current Clamp F65
PCE-UT232 power analyser
Three-phase Harmonic Analyzer PCE-GPA 62
PCE-PA 8000 three-phase power analyzer
Harmonics-Analyser Kyoritsu 6310
Climatological Recorder PCE-HT 71N
Climate Datalogger RedCube CLIMA
Temperature and humidity Data Logger Log100 / Log110
Radio Data Logger TA-140
Dewpoint Scanner PCE-DPT 1
Temperature Data Logger Hobo U12-006
Hygrometer PCE-310
Thermal Stress Meter PCE-WB 20SD
Thermal Humidity Meter PCE-HT 110
Temperature and Humidity Data Logger series EBI 2-TH 6
Centrifugal Spin Hygrometer PCE-SPS 1
Indusrty Thermo Hygrometer PCE-G1A
Colorimeter PCE-CSM 2 and PCE-CSM 4
Color Detector CAPSURE
Conductivity meter PCE-CM 41
Conductivity Meter PCE-SM 11
Salt meter PCE-SM 11
Salt Meter Salt 110
PCE-PHD 1 pH meter
Milk Checker
Multiparameter portable measuring instrument HI 9829
Salt meter ATC Hi 9835
Soil- Conductivity Meter HI 993310
Contact Thermometer PCE-T390
Current Clamps
Flexible Clamp Meter PCE-CM 4
1-Phase Power-Meter C.A 8230
Energy and Power Analyser C.A 8334B
Automotive Tester PCE-ACT 8
Temperature Data Logger PCE-TD60
12-Channel Temperature Recorder PCE-T 1200
Temperature Data Recorder Log10
Outdoor Extensometer for Concrete PCE-BLR 37
Thermometer with Microprocessor PCE-HPT 1
USB Data Logger PCE-CLL 1
Text Messaging Monitor ALMIOG01
Modbus Receiver PCE-SM7
PCE T390 digital thermometer
Small UV Data Logger with USB port
PCE-SPM 1 solar radiation meter
Industrial Lux Meter PCE-174
Professional Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D8
Extract of the interface protocol - PCE-T395
Differential Pressure Gauge PCE-P
Manometer PCE-MS 3 / PCE-MS 4
Pressure Manometer with Pitot Tube PVM 620
Sewage Leak Detector DC 420
Precision Manometer ManoAir100
Micromanoscope ManoAir500
Measuring Principle of Absolute and Differential Pressure
Electrician Voltage Detector PCE-TT 1
Strong Voltage Tester CA 704
PCE-PMM 1 pocket multimeter
Components Recognizer Metrix TCX01
Solar Analyser PCE SPM 2
Digital Voltmeter PCE-DM 32
TRMS Professional Multimeter PCE-UT 71D
Digital Multimeter PeakTech PKT 3320
TRUE RMS Industrial Multimeter Benning MM 7-1
Mobile True RMS C.A 5287
AC/DC TRMS Multimeter C.A 5289
LC-Meter PCE-LC 1
2 in 1 Insulation Meter / Multimeter PCE-UT 532
True RMS Multimeter MTX 3281B
Foldable Graphic Multimeter MTX 3282B
TRMS Handheld Multimeter 3283B
Oscilloscope PCE-DSO8060
Industry Handheld Oscilloscope PCE-UT 81B
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7042
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7062
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7102
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7202
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7104
DSO Oscilloscope Scopix OX7204
Balance PCE-ABZ 100C
Scale PCE-ABZ 200C
Analytical Balance PCE-AB series
Analytical Balance PCE-AB Series
Densimeter H-300S
Digital Density Gauge SG-Ultra
Digital Areometer SG-Ultra Max
Thermo Hygrometer PCE-TH 5
Data Logger Hobo U-12
Hygrometer PCE-555
PCE-3000 humidity detector
Universal Moisture Meter PCE-MMK 1
Environmental Humidity Tester PCE-313 A
PM-3 Paper Moisture Meter
Paper Moisture Meter RH5
Anemometer AVM-5000
Humidity transducers
Calibration and certification of humidity meters
Gamma-Easy Mini Radiation Meter
Equivalent dose meter SM-3-D
Radiation Analyser Radex RD1503 and RD1503+
SM-5-D Radiometer Alpha-Beta-Gamma
Radiation Monitor Radex RD1706
Radon-Monitor Canary
Radon Monitor Canary Pro
PCE-UV34 UVA/UVB radiation meter
Electromagnetic radiation detector PCE EMF 823
PCE-G28 radiation detector
Electromagnetic Field Tester PCE-MFM 3000
PCE-EM 30 radiation meter
Solar data logger MacSolar
Solar-Panel-Tester EVOMEX Solarmex 1000
Solar-meter Evomex TM 750
HACCP Food Thermometer PCE-IR 100
Voltage Tester PeakTech PKT 1090
Fuse Indicator PCE-RCD 1
Safety Tester TG basic 1
Sound transducers PCE-Instruments
Digital Earth Tester PeakTech PKT-1115
PCE-CLE 150 cold light endoscope
Industrial and Professional Fibrescope PCE-DE 25
Images of the borescope operation
Images of the borescope operation
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Force Gauges / PCE Instruments
Torque tester PCE-CTM
Force Meter PCE-FB series
Professional Force Gauge PCE-FG K series
ISO Calibration and certification for pressure meters
PCE-151 tachometer
PCE-T236 tachometer
Digital Counter Tachometer PAX 1
High Precision Optical Tachometer PCE DT-65
Length and rotation device SMT 200c
Strobe Tachometer PCE-T259
Digital Tachometer PCE-DT 100
PCE-T259 tachometer and stroboscope
Portable Stroboscope Nova Stroba dbx
PCE-OM 15 Stroboscope
Xenon Hand Stroboscope SB
Stroboscope light MP7
LED Handheld Stroboscope - PCE-LES 100
Ignition Point Gun MDG83M
Ignition lighter Gun MDB01-M
LED Handheld Stroboscope - PCE-LES 200
Measurement of hardness: Explanation
Hardness Meter PCE-HT 225A / PCE-HT 75
Hardness Tester PCE-DX-AS
Durometer PCE-OO (Shore OO)
Hardness Tester PCE-DX-DS
Shore A PCE-A
Shore D Hardness Tester PCE-D
Shore O Hardness Tester PCE-O
Digital Durometer PCE-DD A
Durometer PCE-DD D
Shore A, C, D Hardness Tester PCE-HT 150
Indentation Hardness Tester MICRO IRHD SYSTEM
Hardness Tester PCE-900
Portable Hardnesstester PCE-2500
PCE-2900 Hardness meter
Impact D Hardness Tester PCE-2000
Industry Hardness Meter PCE-2800
Ultrasound Durometer UCI 1500
Ultrasonic Durometer PCE-5000
Cement Testing Hammer PCE-HT 225 E
Digital Shore D Hardness Tester PCE-HT 210
Thermo Hygrometer PCE-330
Professional Wall Crack Data Logger Rissfox Mini
Pellets Moisture Tester PCE-PEL-20
Timber Moisture Meter Hydromette BL Compact S
Building Moisture Indicator Hydromette BL Compact B
Electronic moisture meter hydromette BL compact
Building Moisture Indicator Hydromette BL Compact B
PCE-555 hydrometer
USB Weather Station WMRS200
Infrared Thermometer Scan Temp 430
USB Temperature Logger PCE-TD 70
Weather Station wp 51 / wk 51
Professional Weather Station 3View
Digital Weather Station with Picture Frame Viewer
PCE-320 psychrometer
Capacitive Material Moisture Meter GMK-100
Caravan Moisture Meter GMK 210
Thermometers: Indications
PCE-777 Infrared
Infrared Thermometer PCE-IR5
PCE-ITC 1 thermal camera
PCE-IR 425
High Accurate Thermometer PCE-IR 1000 series
Infrared Temperature Tester PCE-IR10
Infrared thermometers: Emissivity
K values of the materials
Infrared Camera PCE-TC 28
Accurate Infrared Thermometer PCE-891
Practical examples of infrared thermometers
PCE-IT 55 Insulation Tester
High-end Insulation Meter PCE-UT 512
Insulation Meter METRISO 5000 A
Laser Distance Meter PCE-LDM 50
iPhone Laser Telemeter iC4
Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto DXT
Laser Distance Meter Leica DISTO D5
Stationary Laser Distance Measuring Meter DLS-C series
Distance transducers
Mobile Distance Meter TLM-210i
PCE-LDM 1 Laser Thickness Meter
Infrared noncontact thermometer | PCE Instruments
Non-contact Infraret Thermometer PCE-FIT 10
Laser Range Finder PCE-LDM 44
Laser Rangefinder PCE-LRF 600
Optical Distance Sensor ODSL 30 series
Conversion measurement units for light meters
Measurements of light density
First-Time User Lux Meter PCE-170
Accurate Lux Meter PCE-172
Simple Lux Meter PCE-172
LED Hand-Spectrometer MK350N
LED Spectrometer MK350S
Photometer LM 10
Professional Luminance Meter Mavolux 5032C/B
Light Density Lux Meter Monitor Mavo-USB
Professional Light Meter MAVO-SPOT 2 USB
Light Transducer LXT
Light Transducers
3D- Magnetic Field Analyzer NFA 30 M
E-field Meter DZ4
Low-Frequency-Analyzer ME3851A
TCO Low-Frequency-Analyzer ME3951A
3D Low Frequency Analyzer NFA 1000
High-Frequency-Analyzer HFW35C
HF-Detektor HF58B
Professional-High-Frequency-Analyzer HF58Br
Profi- HF- Detector HF59B
High-Frequency-Detector-Set HFE35C
Detector-Set HFE59B
Accurate Vacuum Meter VAM-320
Pressure Meter PCE-932
Pressure Gauge PCE-SCJN
Force Tester Newton
Force Gauge G
Force Gauge with Newton- Division
Belt Tension Device Trummeter
Pedal Power Meter PKH 2.0
Closing Force Meter FM100BT
Hydraulic Force Meter � PCE-HFG Series
Force Meter 833-series
Point Force meter 835 series
Ring Force Gauge 884
PCE-FM series
PCE-SH 200K force meter
Force Gauge PCE-DFG 500
Mobile Force Meter PCE-MMT I
Tensile Force Gauge PCE-MMT E
Resilience Meter SKM 1200 / SKM 1500
Tension Tester TZL
Crane Scale with Radio Sender TZR Series
Universal Testing Machine ZPM
PCE-CS 300
PCE-CS 1000
PCE-CS 3000N / 5000N
Scale PCE-CS 1000 HD
Crane Scale PCE-PS 300MLS
Scale PCE-MCWNT-M Series
Crane Scale PCE-DDM series
Torque Wrench Tester PCE-FB TW series
Closing Torque Measuring Device MDV Series
Digital Torque Meter PCE-TM 80
Torque Measuring Device TI112 Series
Gas CO2 Air Control Observer
Industry Gloss Meter PCE-GM 60
Gloss-Meter ZGM 1110
Mobile Gloss Meter PCE-GM 50
Gloss Meter IG-331
PCE-GM 100 gloss meter
Glossmeter Spektromaster 565
pH-meter PCE-228
pH Meter HI 9124
Oxygen Meter PCE-PHD 1
BOD meter OxiDirect
professional pH measuring device GMH 3530
Professional laboratory pH-meter HI 2215-02
PCE-PH20S for Soil
GHM 5530/5550 Waterproof
pH Transducers
Power Meter Easycount
Energy Monitor Ensemble
PCE-UT232 Single-Phase Analyser
Electrical multimeters
Interface and software for pressure meters
ISO Calibration and certification for manometers
Pressure-tight data logger U12-015-03
Mechanic Force Tester PCE-SKN Series
Force Gauge EF-AE series
Mobile Load Corners MLE-F 5/10/20
Stationary Load Sensor SM Series
Closing Force Device FM 100
Dose Rate Monitor GammaTwin
PCE-880 pyrometer
Thermometer PKT P 5135
Digital Thermometer PKT-5140
Simple Digital Contact Thermometer PCE-T312
Reference Minit-Thermometer PCE-MT 50
Pt100 Thermometer PCE-T 317
Penetration thermometer TTX 100
Rod Thermometer with fixed probe TTX 110
Mini-Thermometer with K-Type Connection TTX 120
Thermometer TFE 510
temperature regulator GFX-460 B
Temperature Data Logger series EBI 2T - 3
Temperature Data Logger EBI 40
Resistance Thermometer P-700
Thermometer P-750
8-channel Thermometer with Data Logger PCE-T 800
Radio Data Logger ZW-EU
Barograph 2xxx-series
Baro-Hygro-Thermometer 3xxx-series
Weather Station Lumax
Professional Weather Center Thermo Light
Coating Thickness Meter DFT-Ferrous
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